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How To Change Your Humidifier Water Filter

Humidifier water panels are sometimes called “panels”, “water pads”, “evaporator pads”, “wicks”, “filters” or “elements”. No matter what you call them, the “water panel” is the part of a humidifier that becomes saturated with water and humidifies your air. Water panels are normally changed once or twice during the humidification season.

How to Change Your Water Panel:

Before you begin, turn off the power to your furnace

  1. Remove humidifier cover by lifting from the bottom.
  2. Tilt out complete water panel assembly. (on some models the water supply tube may have to be removed first)
  3. Remove water distribution tray from top of water panel. These usually unsnap by lifting plastic tabs on each side of tray.
  4. Slide out old water panel and discard.
  5. Slide in new water panel.
  6. Make sure the mark painted on the water panel is facing up.

How to change humidifier water panel

Repeat steps 1 – 3 in reverse by snapping the water distribution tray back on the top of the water panel assembly, tilting the assembly back into the humidifier case, and replacing the cover. Turn your water and power back on and you are good to go!

If you have a bypass humidifier with seasonal damper – make sure damper is in the open (winter) place.

Follow along with this video for more help:

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