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When Is It Time to Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?


Many people take the luxury of a built-in ice and water dispenser in their refrigerator for granted. This is hardly surprising because many people out there have never known anything different. These provide numerous benefits to individuals such as not having to refill those plastic ice trays or worrying about running out of crisp, cold water. On the other hand, many people don’t realize that their refrigerator water filters need to be changed. While most people understand that the filter should be changed every six months, there are certain facts that people need to keep in mind. What are the signs that a refrigerator water filter needs to be changed? What if the filter isn’t changed?

water and ice from the T1WG2L water filter

One of the first signs that a refrigerator water filter needs to be changed is cloudy ice and water. The cloudiness results from the filter failing to filter out the particulate matter that it used to filter out before. While some of this particulate matter might not pose any health risks, some of this matter might. Therefore, it is important that people take the time to change their water filter.

Another sign that the refrigerator water filter needs to be changed is an awkward odor or taste to the water. This develops because some of the matter that is filtered out is invisible to the naked eye but still has its impacts on the water. The taste and odor can be off-putting to many people and, similar to the cloudiness, might cause health problems. Everyone should keep an eye out for that awkward taste or odor developing.dirty water and ukf8001 filtered water

Finally, many people might start to notice that their water is flowing more slowly. This is usually accompanied by a refrigerator filter change light that comes on when it is time for a replacement. The water flow will start to decrease because the filter is straining to filter the water through a full filter. As the gaps in the filter are blocked by the particulate matter, there are fewer holes for the water to pass through the filter and the speed will slow. Change the filter regularly to prevent this from happening.

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