Can the weeds help reduce health risks?

As a homeowner, it’s hard to keep your lawn green and clean, especially when it comes to weeding. You probably know that those long hours of picking and pulling, fertilizing and cutting your grass can feel never ending, but there is a bright side. Some of the weeds that can exist in your yard might actually be able to reduce some common body issues we all deal with. Here are 7 weeds that can help:

Meadow of Dandelions close up

  • Dandelion: One of the most common weeds seen on a daily basis. Dandelion’s can be used to make medical vinegar which can help strengthen your liver. By eating the flower stalk, leaves, root or flower before a meal, you can help prevent cancer and heart disease from occurring in your body.
  • Mallows: These sticky weeds can be a pain to remove, but they also have advantages. By placing this weed into a bowl of water and letting it sit for a long period of time or overnight, you can form a vinegar that will help ease sores, upset stomachs, heart burn and more.
  • Yarrow: This pretty white weed doesn’t just exist on the top of flowers, but it exists to help prevent the flu and colds. This weed has a strong smell but it is a great way to keep healthy. Not only can it help prevent you from getting sick, but it can be used as a healing ointment too
  • St. John’s Wort: A weed with a beautiful yellow flower comes in handy when you have those muscle aches. St. John’s Wort is a great remedy for those who have shingles, back pain, sciatica, headaches or migraines.Johanniskraut - St Johns wort 29
  • Chickweed: This weed isn’t your average weed, it can also be digested! Chickweed can be used in salads or alcoholic beverages to help dissolve cysts, your thyroid or increase weight loss. Never thought a weed could do that all, did you now?
  • Self Heal: Have you ever seen a purple flower sprout up in a pile of green? Unfortunately this is not a flower, but a weed. Self heal is part of the mint family and helps women whom are going through pregnancy, menopausal or post-menopausal.
  • Shepherd’s Purse: Remember those pesky weeds that form in the cracks of your driveways? Shepherd’s Purse has been used by Midwives and gypsies to stop bleeding in the body (stomach, lungs, etc.) To prevent bleeding this weed should be tincture and applied four times a day.



Many of us think weeds have no use in the world, but this is completely false. There are hundreds of weeds that can be used to create medicines to help heal sores, aches and pains, and more than we ever thought. Check out Survival Life to find out what other types of weeds can help you stay healthy.


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