buyer beware: 5 funny online shopping fails

Buyer Beware: 5 Funny Online Shopping Fails

At high-quality filters at low prices is our thing. We do this by cutting out the middleman and manufacturing the filters ourselves and selling straight to customers online. We pride ourselves on offering customers a fluid, trustworthy, and easy online shopping experience. But when you’re shopping for filters through other online vendors, you might not always get what you pay for. We’ve seen way too many advertisements for incredibly cheap aftermarket filters, so cheap that it’s too good to be true – and that’s because it is. Many of these advertisements are untrustworthy and sell low-quality products, leaving you with nothing but regret. Either that, or companies import blank foreign-made filters and then slap a pretty label on them and sell them as a premium product!

These kinds of online shopping mishaps don’t just happen in the world of aftermarket filter products. Check out these five online shopping fails to see how crazy internet shopping could be – and have a couple laughs as well.


1. It looked better on the rack…

Buying clothes online is always a risky game, especially when it comes to dresses for weddings or dances. This girl ordered what was supposed to be an elegant, fall-themed prom dress, but she got something more like a cheap Halloween costume. We can only hope she still had a good prom.

2. Always ask for the size. Always.

If you think you’re ordering clothes, furniture, or decor, you might find yourself with something more befitting of a dollhouse. Take, for example, this poor woman who just wanted some nice lawn chairs. But hey, if there are any rodents around, at least they’ll have a place to sit.

3. He thought he was getting an Xbox One, but…

Man pays $750 for fake Xbox One






This takes online shopping scams to a whole new level. One man went online to purchase an Xbox One, but when it came in the mail, he realized he’d just paid for a printed picture of the console.

4. I don’t even know what this is, but it will haunt me.

How to Train Your Dragon Shopping Fail








Supposedly, this toy is suppoed to resemble the adorable dragon from the popular Dreamworks movie. Instead, this customer got something that looks like it belongs in a direct-to-TV horror movie. Don’t look too long, or you’ll never get it out of your head.

5. Those definitely aren’t flowers, but thanks for the thought.

When this vendor ran out of flowers, they got a little creative with their substitution. One woman found herself with a bundle of green onions instead of the flowers she ordered – but at least she’ll have a nice garnish for tomorrow’s dinner.

These are just a few of the crazy online shopping fails we found across the internet. While we at are proud to provide you with quality air and fridge filters, it’s clear that online shopping isn’t always quite so easy. So next time you’re buying a new outfit or some nice furniture (or an aftermarket filter product) from an online vendor, be on your toes!

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