Boiled Water vs. Filtered Water: Which Is Better?

Boiled Water vs. Filtered Water: Which Is Better?

More than half of Americans are concerned about the quality of their tap water, but 42% do not take any action. It is time to change that. 

Contaminated water poses a serious threat to your health. The good news is that there are easy ways to make tap water safer. Many people recommend boiled water as a solution. 

But is it best to boil water to drink? Or is there a better solution, such as filtered water? Read on to learn all you need to know about boiled water vs. filtered water!

To Boil or Filter?

Water has a journey to get to our taps, which involves pipes, treatment plants, and storage systems. The U.S. is fortunate to have drinking water systems, but there is room for improvement. Shockingly, many water systems violate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards. 

Weather events, such as flooding and storms, can cause large amounts of contaminants to enter water supplies.

Yes, put that glass of tap water down. At least put it down until you check your tap water quality

It is crucial to determine whether you should boil or filter water because you need clean water. And right now, the water systems don’t always suffice. 

Boiled Water 

Boiled water is a recommended method to disinfect water, and it has been used for thousands of years! By boiling water, you kill any microbes lurking in the water and prevent them from causing any illness to you.

Boiled Water Notice

When you have a boil water notice, make sure you aren’t just boiling water as you normally would. It is essential to follow these boil water advisory several steps to clean the water safely. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends checking the water first. If the water looks cloudy, filter it through a towel, cloth, or coffee filter. 

Boil the water for at least a minute. If you are at an elevation above 6,500 feet, make it three minutes minimum. Let it cool and store water in sealed and sanitized containers.

Boiled Water Positives

There are several positives of boiled water. It is a simple method, which does remove most microbes and chlorine. It does not remove any minerals in the process. 

There is little research into whether drinking boiled water has its own benefits. However, some say warm water can relieve congestion and is comforting. 

Boiled Water Negatives

One thing to note is that boiled water does not remove bacteria and other contaminants from the water. So even when the boiled water has killed them, they are still present in the water you consume.

Plus, boiling water doesn’t remove any particles from your water. This can include calcium, sediment, and heavy metals, such as lead.

Filtered Water 

Filtered water treats tap water through a filter. There are several different types of water filters.

These water filters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be free-standing, under-the-sink, attached to faucets, or inside your refrigerator!

Essentially filters are responsible for removing heavy metals, chlorine, sediment particles, and more.

Filtered Water Positives

Considering the amount of water you use in a day for coffee, drinking, and cooking, filtered water is the convenient solution compared to boiling water. Plus, there is an enhanced flavor without impurities, so the taste is usually better. Drink up!

There are many types of water filters, so you pick which one is best for your home and your needs. You may want one under the sink, on your faucet, or for your entire home!

Filtered Water Negatives

There is an initial investment with filtration systems in comparison to boiled water. The cost will depend on the type of water filtration system you get.

Not all filters work equally, so you need time to research the best option for your home and needs. Some systems will be limited in their use, such as a fridge filter or you can utilize a whole-house system, which will filter everything! 

Verdict: Boiled Water vs. Filtered Water 

While both have their place, boiled water does not sufficiently purify water due to what remains in the water. It is a great temporary solution if you are in an emergency, are hiking, or for short-term water safety. However, there is no guarantee it is entirely pure water.

In comparison to boiled water, filtered water is a safer long-term alternative. It is healthier to drink and can fully remove contaminants. So, you can drink with peace of mind.

Drink Water Safely

Around 209 million unsafe glasses of water are consumed every day in the U.S. Hopefully, systems improve to ensure safe drinking access for all. In the meantime, you have solutions to take action!

If you’re looking for high-quality water filters that won’t break the bank, then we’re right up your alley! From fridge to faucet-mount filters, and everything in between, we have all of the filters that you need!

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