Do you know the benefits of drinking water?

Benefits of Drinking Water

Eight glasses a day, or so they say. Drinking lots of water is important, and we all know that, but do you know the actual benefits of staying hydrated? Well, for starters: your body is 60% water. That means there’s almost an entire you’s worth of water inside of you. That’s a lot of water. In order to continue functioning, you need to keep those water levels up and where they should be.

Gets Your Thoughts GoingDo you know the amazing benefits of water?

When you’re tired, water helps to increase energy and even helps your brain work better. Think of it this way: your brain is 70% water, so it’s only normal that when you give it more it will start to work better. This means you will be more alert and more focused.

Promotes Weight Loss and Regularity

For a lot of us—me included—who are looking to shed a few extra pounds, water might be the best route. Water helps control your appetite if you drink it before meals. Your stomach will feel a little fuller, which means it will desire a little less food. Water also helps remove the byproducts of fat, which is an obvious plus.

Gets Rid of Bad Toxins

Water doesn’t just flush the byproducts of fat. It also promotes the removal of bad toxins through urine and sweat, which ultimately works to reduce UTIs and kidney stones.

Gets You to Your Best

Simply put, when you have everything to function at your best, you will. We need water to help our brains think, our muscles to move, and our cells to work. When you have sufficient water levels, you’ll be at the best possible state (aside from sleep levels and outside factors, of course).

Make Sure Your Water Is Clean for Maximum Effect

Of course, consuming a lot of dirty, unfiltered water may give you these benefits, but it can also introduce a number of potential chemicals and bacteria into your body. Instead of continually spending money on bottled water, invest in a proper water filter for your entire home—or just your fridge or kitchen sink—and make sure that all the water you get is clean and ready to offer you all of its benefits.

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