Allergy Guide

Seasonal allergies plague some 60 million American each year. While outdoor allergies like pollen can cause sniffles, sneezes and itchy eyes during the spring and summer months, millions of children and adults also suffer from allergies to smoke and mold. Treating allergies to all three irritants can add up: more than $14 billion is spent on allergy treatments annually.




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While staying indoors can cut down some of the reactions to allergens, homes, schools and work environments can contribute to allergic reactions. For indoor allergy sufferers, using humidifiers and air conditioning filters in the home can help cut down on irritants. After spending time outdoors, take precautions when necessary: take any allergy medications you have before venturing outside, wear a dust mask when performing outdoor chores, and be sure to check your local forecasts for current and forecasted pollen counts.

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