Why do Air Filters Have Pleats?

Any faithful reader of this blog will know all of the benefits of air filters: they trap allergens, dust, and mold to leave your home with purer air. Our discount air filters are offered on a spectrum, usually identified by a MERV rating, but some manufacturers have their own rating system to communicate to what degree their filter will trap particulates.

Once you’ve settled on the filter you’ve identified as best for your needs and home, you may stop to inspect the thing. It feels flimsy—it is, after all, made of cardboard, wire, and fabric. It has a distinctive look. Why exactly does an air filter have pleats?

Non-pleated Air Filters

Yes, they exist. Originally, air filters weren’t pleated at all, and they were more about protecting your furnace and HVAC system than they were Why do air filters have pleats?about improving indoor air quality. There’s a reason most of the filters you see for sale are pleated.

Pleated Air Filters

Air filters that are meant to improve your indoor air quality and are pleated for a very simple purpose: the pleating offers more surface area for dust, allergens, and mold to get trapped in. Think about it: you have a flat surface with some holes in it. More particulates are likely to make it through. But once you accordion that flat surface into a pleated one, you have more material present to capture the dirt, dust, and other contaminants that are in the air. A pleated air filter captures more of this, and lasts longer than a flat air filter.

Yes we are serious! Not only that, but pleated air filters distribute air more evenly, meaning your HVAC systems doesn’t have to work as hard. Pleated filters, when judged by criteria regarding air quality and air flow, outperform non-pleated filters.

Now, some people will say that flat filters will work just as well and that you simply have to change them more often. This isn’t true, and you’ll only spend more money on air filters that won’t do anything to improve your indoor air quality. With pleated discount air filters, your home will enjoy improved air quality, which is better for the health of you and your home. At Discount Filters, we offer every day free shipping and returns on all filters. Buy today and save big.

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  1. Does it make a difference on the direction of the pleat; i.e. horizontal vs. vertical against the air flow?

    Need to know to know how to measure for replacements.

    TIA John

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