Air Filter Guide: 16×16

16×16 Air Filters and Their Importance

So much goes into a house being a home. There are the furnishings and decorations, and then there is the overall tone and style. There is also an aspect that some people may overlook but that is just as important as any other in contributing to how inviting a home is. It is the home’s air quality. The air everyone in a home breathes can make a surprising difference in how comfortable and pleasant a home is. And quality air filters definitely contribute to the quality of indoor air. Here is some essential information to know about 16×16 air filters and how they help a house become a comfy home.

Quality air filters provide many benefits in your home. They improve the health of the home by working in the HVAC system to filter out potentially harmful particles. The result is air that is not just more healthy. It is also noticeably fresher and more invigorating. It smells better and is free of unpleasant odors that various allergens and particles can create. So air filters make a home more pleasant overall for residents and their guests.

Air filters for home environments in the 16×16 size are available in numerous categories or levels. Those levels are graded based on the quantity and type of allergens and unwanted particles they filter from indoor air. Those levels or categories are labeled as being various MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value ) ratings.

MERV Ratings of Our Furnace Filters

The MERV8 type filter removes a variety of allergens from the air. Although not as powerful as our high-end HVAC filters, it is certainly more effective than the cheapest filters. It removes pollen, household dust, and pet dander from indoor air.

Our MERV8 filter is called the MERV8, Dust filter.

The MERV11 type filter functions at a higher level than the MERV8 filter, in that it filters more from the indoor air. That includes pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, car fumes, and smog.

Our MERV11 filter is called the MERV11, Allergy filter.

The MERV13 type filter performs at an even more rigorous level than the MERV8 and MERV11. That is, it filters out a greater number of allergens from indoor air, including pollen, pet dander, dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, various types of smoke including tobacco smoke, smog, car fumes, and others.

Our MERV13 filter is called the MERV13, Health filter.

We have numerous other choices available in 16×16 filters, including those called Basic, Pets & Odor, and Washable. Each one provides a specialized level of filtering and functionality.

Proper Ventilation

In addition to installing quality 16×16 filters, there are other measures you can take to improve your indoor air quality. Many of them are simple and low in cost. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends properly ventilating a home, which involves bringing outdoor air into the home rather than having pollutant-laden air because no air is circulating in from the outside. This can be as simple as opening windows and doors as frequently as possible. It is ideal to open windows and doors that face in different directions to get added air circulation and breezes flowing through the house. Even in cold or hot weather, it is a good idea to open windows and doors, even if that just involves opening a window in each room a small crack for several minutes.

By combining high-quality air filters like our 16×16 models with other strategies such as ventilation, you are improving the health and comfort level in your home. And you are truly contributing to your house becoming a home.

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