Know Your Fridge Filter: ADQ360106101S

The water that we drink can contain a variety of bacteria and other pollutants in it. To reduce the likelihood of having these contaminants with in the water, households should invest in a water purification system. These discount fridge filters ensure that water is completely safe, refreshed and has an excellent taste. The ADQ360106101S filter is among the most efficient after-market water filters. It has a solid construction that has been designed to provide high convenience and ease of use. The filter can be easily installed as it hooks correctly to most kind of refrigerators available on the market. The ADQ360106101S filter has a high level of efficiency backed by its state of the art filtration technology that it employ. When attached to the refrigerator, the filter purifies more water in a short period making it ideal choice  for medium to large families who need a large reservation of clean and fresh water.


Filtration Process

The fridge filter has been designed to remove nearly 100 percent of contaminants from water. These contaminants include lead, chromium, arsenic, fluorine, taste, odor and chlorine. This guarantees you safe drinking water at all times. The filter uses powerful catalytic carbon filtration through the carbon filters to treat all impurities. Water is subjected through coconut shell carbon to remove bad taste, odor, and pollutants. The filter delivers optimized water purification with minimal water wastage.

How to Install the Filter

The installation of the filter doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or expertise. The video above, guides the user through the setup process to make work easier. Source water is passed through filtration, purification, sterilization and enhancement to make it achieve the best quality. The filtration system eliminates pollutants, contaminants, and other pharmaceutical products in the source water.


To replace a push tab filter, follow these instructions;

1. Push the tab to open the housing then release the latch.

2. Turn the filter to be replaced in an anticlockwise manner until it gets released, and then pull it out.

3. Reverse this process to fix the new filter.


To replace a pull tab type, follow these instructions;

1. Locate the recessed tab to remove the housing

2. Pull it forward to release the latch

3. Turn the filter counterclockwise and remove it straight away.

4. Reverse this process to fix the new filter.


Replacing the Filter

The ADQ360106101S refrigerator water filter is a premium product designed to convert source water into pure and delicious drinking water. Most vendors advise that you replace your filter after every six months, although this may slightly change depending on the brand. This filter is long lasting to give you a longer service, but it will eventually need to be replaced after 3-6 months. This filter is highly reliable and offers value for money. The installation process is quite easy and doesn’t require the user to have any previous plumbing experience. Purchasing this filter will enable you save money, time and other resources.


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