Know Your Fridge Filter: ADQ360106101

One of the most important things you can do for your family and yourself is to provide fresh drinking water. The majority of the human body is made of water, and this water needs to be replenished to keep you healthy and functioning. The ADQ360106101 refrigerator water filter works with your refrigerator’s water system to provide you and your family members with clean, healthy water when you want it. This eliminates worries about dirty water or chemicals that you may be ingesting when you drink unfiltered, untreated water. Not only does this filter provide fresh, great-tasting water, it also provides clean, fresh tasting ice for your favorite beverage. The ADQ360106101 filter fits a variety of refrigerator brands and models, so it will fit a wide variety of needs.

drink filtered water and beat the heat

How It Works

The ADQ360106101 discount water filter uses a scientifically engineered filtration process to remove unwanted impurities from your home’s tap water by filtering it through activated carbon. Activated carbon is extremely porous and this increased surface area absorbs more chemicals, debris and impurities than other types of filters. The water enters the filter chamber from your refrigerator’s water line, then the filter processes the water through the activated carbon. The carbon catches undesirable substances in the water, such as chlorine, lead, asbestos, bacteria and mold. These unwanted materials are held by the carbon while clean water is then pushed through the filter. The end result is a glass of fresh, great-tasting water for you or your loved ones.


The ADQ360106101 discount filter is simple to install. Just follow these easy steps:

The filter will have a push tab or pull tab. Either push or pull the tab located on the filter – the filter will typically be located in the upper right corner of the refrigerator.

For models with a push tab, the following directions will allow you to change the filter:

  1. Push the tab inwards to release the latch.
  2. Open the filter housing.
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise until it releases.
  4. Pull the filter straight out of the housing.
  5. Replace the filter using the reverse process.

For models with a pull tab, use the following directions:

  1.  Pull the tab forward to release the latch.
  2. Remove the housing cover.
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise one-quarter turn.
  4. Pull the filter straight out to remove it from the housing.
  5. Replace the filter using the reverse process.

Once you replace the filter, you should flush the new filter with approximately two gallons of water before using the filter to draw water for drinking or cooking needs.

Change Your Filter Regularly

Water filters must be changed on a regular basis. As you use your ADQ360106101 water filter, the activated carbon will begin to degrade. This will cause the carbon to be less effective at catching debris and chemicals from your tap water or well water supply. This filter may cause health issues and can increase energy costs by causing your refrigerator to use more electricity. To reduce the risk of health issues for you and your family, and to cut down on energy costs, you should change your ADQ360106101 water filter at least twice per year – more often if there is a high level of dirt or chemicals in your water supply. For high quality filters, including the ADQ360106101, at low prices, check out our entire selection of refrigerator water filters.

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