Know Your Fridge Filter: ADQ36006102-S

The ADQ36006102-S also known as the ADQ36006101 refrigerator water filter has been engineered to the highest standards of exceptional performance, durability, and safety. This fridge filter provides the highest contaminant removal rates that give you the purest water possible. It has been made with authentic high-end materials that last long to provide exceptional performance. The ADQ36006102-S / ADQ36006101 filter generates perfectly pure and refreshing water through all the stages of the purification process to removes nearly 99 percent of deadly contaminants and pollutants. The filter has a high rejection rate and comes equipped with Granular Active Carbon Sediment, PP sediment and superior carbon block technologies that efficiently remove contaminants. Purchasing the filters guarantees one a high-value and low-maintenance performance.



The Filtration Process

The filtration process uses a highly efficient system called activated carbon. Activated carbon removes common impurities, including environmental hazards such as unpleasant chlorine, cloudiness, odors, colors and other common chemicals from water. The high rejection membrane removes 99 percent of total dissolved solids and contaminants such as arsenic, fluorine, lead, radium, bacteria and others. Water is then refined to get a refreshing taste. The filter has been designed with interchangeability features that allow it to be used in several different models of refrigerators. It is a genuine filter that has been designed to work with many water filtration systems for peak performance to reduce harmful contaminant found in source water.


How to Install the Filter

This discount adq36006101 refrigerator water filter is pretty easy and quick to set up. There is an installation guide backed up with a YouTube video that makes Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation work easier for the customers.

The ADQ36006101 filters come either in push tab or pull tab. To replace a push tab, follow these instructions;

  1. Push the tab to open the housing and release the latch.
  2. Turn the filter in the anticlockwise direction until it releases then pull it straight out.
  3. You only need to reverse the earlier process to replace the new filter.


To replace a pull tab;

  1. Locate the recessed tab and remove the housing.
  2. Pull it forward to release the latch.
  3. Turn the filter counterclockwise then remove it straight away. Reverse the process to replace the new filter.

**It is always advisable to turn the filtration system on to flush some gallons of water to work with the new filter.


Remember to Replace your ADQ360106102 / ADQ36006101 Filter

You will know that your discount water filter has become old when water taste and the smell becomes unpleasant. Ice becomes cloudy white with minerals and water flow from your dispenser becomes slow. For cleaner and fresh tasting water, you need to replace your filter after every six months or according the specifications of the vendor.

The ADQ360106102-S refrigerator water filter protects your family from harmful contaminants that are found in source water. This filter provides a better tasting water by removing contaminants, hard deposits and minerals to help in delivering fresher and clearer water to your glass. It helps on big savings as fresh filtered water costs only a few cents per gallon as compared to the expensive bottled water.

If the adq36006101 is not your water filter, please use our fridge filter finder to find the filter that fits your specific model fridge. Other popular filter models we carry is the MWF, UKf8001, W10295370, UKF7003, WFCB, WF1CB, WF2CB, WF3CB and more. To buy discount fridge filters and air filters visit discountfilters.com today and save.

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