Know Your Fridge Filter: 9992P

Nothing beats a fresh, cold and clean glass of water that comes straight out of your refrigerator. The 9992P or UKF8001 refrigerator water filter
provides that clean glass of drinking water by removing any impurities that may be in your water supply to assure your family remains healthy. Not only does the filter produce clean and refreshing water, but your ice makers ensures fresh, clean ice cubes that won’t spoil your drink or ruin its taste.

activated carbon from ukf8001

How it Works

If you’re like most people, you understand there is a filtration process in your refrigerator that provides clean water, but probably don’t understand the specifics as to how it works. Here’s how it works. By running the water through activated carbon, any contaminants in the water are absorbed and remain in the filter, allowing only clean and pure water to pour out through the tap. Whether you water is direct from a well or comes to you through local water lines, the filter assures the water you drink is neither hard nor soft by removing any ground contaminants along with the chemicals which are used to sanitize the water lines.


Although changing your water filter may seem like a daunting task at first, after you’ve learned how to do it the first time you’ll understand how simple it really is. At the time of purchase the person who installs the refrigerator in your home should be able to explain the process. If for some reason nobody showed you how to replace the filter, don’t worry, here’s how:

  • First, find the 9992P or UKF8001 filter. Typically, it is located in the upper right corner of your refrigerator inside of a housing or case.
  • The housing will have a lever on it which varies by brand, but will open the case by either pushing or pulling it. Be gentle and don’t force it, it will open smoothly when properly manipulated.
  • Once opened, the filter simply slides out. Remember the filter is part of the actual water line, so you’ll have no water flow while the filter is removed.
  • Slide the new filter into place, close the case and the refrigerator door, and “Presto!” you’re ready to pour yourself a clean glass of water that is know is free of contaminants.

When to Replace Your Filter

Filters aren’t designed to last forever, the contaminants they keep out of your glass will eventually build up and cause the filter to clog. One way to tell your discount filter needs to be changed is that your water supply slows down. What was once a steady stream has been reduced to a mere trickle. An easier way to tell is that a small green light next to the tap turns off and a red light comes on, indicating the typical life of the filter has been used.


If the ukf8001 filter is not your model, here is a quick list of our other popular fridge filters:MWF644845DA29-00003G4396710Ewf2cbpa and the ADQ36006101 filter.

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