Know Your Fridge Filter: 9930

The 9930 refrigerator water filter is built with efficiency in mind and provides homeowners with clean, healthy, and revitalizing water. Worrying about drinking dirty water is a thing of the past! The 9930 filter not only cleans your water by removing unwanted residue and substances, but it produces perfect ice and better-tasting every day drinking water every time. It is a high quality filter and likewise provides high-quality filtered water. The 9930 water filter is compatible with a number of refrigerator brands.

activated carbon from ukf8001

Water Filtration Process:

Built with a scientifically-developed water filtration process in mind, the 9930 discount refrigerator filter works with an activated carbon process to completely remove any and all contaminants from regular tap water. ‘Activated carbon’ refers to a type of carbon that is processed to have pores that are low in number and small, allowing for advanced adsorption. The process of adsorption is different from that of absortion; it refers instead to gasses, liquids and solids sticking to an area.

When tap water enters the water filter, the filtration process starts right at the filtration line from the refrigerator. It is then sent through a chamber in the 9930 filter, pushed into area with the activated carbon. Next, any contaminants are gathered up by the carbon, such as lead, bacteria, and even mold. Other contaminants can include asbestos and cysts. All contaminants are taken by the carbon itself as the filtered, clean water slides through. The result of the filtration process is fresh, revitalizing and 100% clean drinking water.


The water filter chamber is normally located on the upper-right portion of the refrigerator. Depending on your model, it will either be a push or a pull type of tab.

The tab will be in the front of the filter chamber if it’s a push, and these steps will need to be followed:

  1. Push the tab at the chamber housing to release the fasening.
  2. Turning the filter counterclockwise as many times as it takes to release it.
  3. Take the filter out.
  4. Reverse these steps to replace the water filter.

The tab will be located on the front underside of the opening cover, recessed, if it’s a pull tab. These steps will need to be followed:

  1. Locate the tab and remove the chamber cover by pulling forward until it is released.
  2. Turn the water filter 1/4 of the way counterclockwise and pull it out.
  3. Reverse this process to replace it again.

Flush two gallons of water after replacing the water filter before putting it to use.

Perform Routine Changes to Your Filter

Keep in mind that refrigerator filters aren’t built to last forever. As time passes and the 9930 water filter is used, the carbon inside it will go through normal degeneration. Over time, the carbon will become ineffective and won’t clean the contaminants in your water properly. Filters that are not running at full capacity can pose increased energy costs and health issues. To reduce the risks, change the filter at least once every six months. For the best quality water filters at prices you can’t beat, check out our full lineup of refrigerator filters by clicking here.

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