9914 / GSWF Refrigerator Water Filter Replacements – Free Shipping

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is so important to our health, but it can be hard to get in all those glasses throughout the day. Part of the solution may be replacing your water filter for the best tasting experience possible. When we breathe clean air and drink pure water, we absorb the elements necessary to our survival and well being. It sets the stage for everything we do, and yet sometimes we don’t realize what we’re putting into our bodies. Bottled water is not necessarily better for us, despite widespread consumption. When you use the proper water filter like the 9914, you guarantee a quality drinking experience both at home and (if you create your own ‘bottled water’) on the go. You can swap out your GSWF filter for the model 9914 quickly and easily, with little hassle. Have a crisp glass of clear water waiting for you at anytime of the day.

Activated Carbon Can Help Reduce Pollutants

Treatment plants can’t purify your water 100%, and while the tiny amounts of other substances in your water may seem harmless, they can add up to larger problems after prolonged exposure. You may notice a change in how you feel after drinking filtered water just a a few times a week. Discount fridge filters use the same activated carbon to cleanse your water of anything and everything your body doesn’t need.  The carbon is porous and capable of capturing and holding these trace elements on the inside of the chamber. The process works instantaneously, from the second the tap is activated. Say goodbye to lead, chlorine and bacteria. Use it in your overall plan of taking care of yourself and living a cleaner lifestyle.

Installation of your 9914 / GSWF Fridge Filter


Check where your filter is stored, it’s normally the upper right-hand corner inside your refrigerator. Work the release by either pushing or pulling, and then simply follow these instructions to put in your 9914 refrigerator water filter.

Push Release Instructions

1. The front of the filter should contain the push tab so the water filter will release.

2. Complete the releasing process by turning the filter counter clockwise until it pops out.

3. Remove the filter.

4. To install, simply reverse the releasing instructions.

A pull release may have the tab hidden under the front housing. By running your fingers under you should feel the catch on the cover.

1. The hatch will release when you pull the tab toward you.

2. Turn the entire filter one quarter counter clockwise.

3. Pull out on the filter.

4. Follow the same instructions in reverse to install.

Compatible Part Models for Refrigerator Water Filters

  • 100749-C
  • 100749C
  • 100810A
  • 215C1152P002
  • 238C2334P001
  • 35917-MN-1
  • 46-9914
  • 469914
  • 9914
  • AP3418061
  • EFF-6023A
  • GSWF
  • GTH22SHP
  • GTS18KHP
  • GTS18SHP
  • GTS22KHP
  • PC36011
  • PC56994
  • PC58696
  • PDS20MCP
  • PDS20SCP
  • PDS22MCP
  • PDS22SCP
  • PDS22SHR
  • PS951515
  • PTS22LHP
  • PTS22SHP
  • PTS25LHP
  • PTS25SHP
  • RWF1061
  • SGF-G22
  • WSG-2

No matter which type of fridge or filter you have, it’s extremely easy to install. This is exactly the kind of household task you may be putting off, but there’s no need to fear when you have the right information and the right filter. After you’ve successfully completed the process, flush it out by running  2 gallons of water through to ensure proper filtering. Now you’re ready to replenish your fluids!  Get your 9914 / GSWF refrigerator water filter today and save.

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