9 Amazing Cleaning Products You Should Have in Your Home

Are you looking to put together an unstoppable cleaning kit? 

Whether you’re getting ready to move into your first home or you’re simply preparing for a deep-clean, having great cleaning products is essential. After all, what’s the point in doing all the work if you’re not using the right cleaning agents? 

In order to ensure a proper clean, you need to ensure that you’re using the right cleaning agent for the job. This means using a disinfectant in your bathroom and a glass cleaner on your mirror. While multipurpose cleaners are effective, they’re not always the best tool for the job. 

If you’re looking to put together the ultimate list of cleaning products, this one is for you. Read on to discover the nine essential cleaning items that every household must have in tow:

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

Of course, every household needs to have an all-purpose cleaner.

While no homeowner shall rely exclusively on such a general cleaner, it’s always beneficial to have. This is because it produces good results on several different cleaning surfaces. 

For example, it could be used to clean anything from porcelain and plastic to wood and tile. 

2. Glass and Mirror Cleaner 

Have you ever tried cleaning a mirror with a general cleaning agent? 

If so, you know firsthand that it simply doesn’t work. With a general cleaner, you’re going to be left with a number of streaks and grime. To combat these streaks, you need a cleaning agent that is exclusively crafted for glass. 

This is where your glass cleaner comes into play and is here to save the day. With this cleaning agent, you can look forward to a sparkling clean mirror that is streak-free. Pro tip: use newspaper to clean mirrors and windows instead of rags or paper towels for fewer streaks.

3. Go-To Stain Remover 

These days, there are plenty of stain removers on the market.

In the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket, you’ll find anything from red wine stain remover to grass-stain remover. While specific stain removal agents are helpful, it’s best to have a more general stain-remover. 

In general, stain removers tend to be comprised of similar ingredients. This means that you’re going to have similar results from many entirely different stain removers. 

4. Wood Polish

Wood polish is great for anything from wooden furniture to wooden floors. 

Of course, wood polish isn’t your typical cleaning agent. This is because it doesn’t actually disinfect the surfaces in which it’s applied. However, it does provide a fabulous polish to any wooden surface and has the potential to remove marks and stains. 

So, if your wooden dining table has a watermark, try using this polish you remove it. You can also use this polish after washing your floors to provide your wood with a “just like new” polish. 

5. Disinfectant 

If you have a baby or pets, this one’s for you! 

Of course, every household needs a general disinfectant. However, if your house is home to a baby or a dog, you’re going to want to have your disinfectant especially close. 

Disinfectant can be used anywhere from the kitchen and the bathroom to the nursery and the living room. For any germ-ridden area, a disinfectant is best for removing germs and bacteria and getting rid of mold

A disinfectant should always be used when cleaning your bathroom. On top of the toilet and sink, cleaning the toothbrusher holder is the most important item to disinfect. One study found that 64 percent of toothbrush holders contained mold and yeast that could not be seen with the eye. 

Not only is disinfecting going to keep your family members healthy, but it’s going to allow your home to feel significantly more fresh and clean. 

6. Cleaning Wipes 

Let’s face it, some surfaces such as toilets and sinks aren’t exactly cut out for reusable cleaners. 

This means that we generally avoid using our go-to washcloths on areas that are likely to be highly contaminated. This is why disposable cleaning wipes have become the go-to for more grimy tasks such as cleaning the toilet seat or wiping down the sink.

This type of cleaning wipe is already primed with disinfectant and can simply be discarded when finished. 

7. Microfiber Washcloths 

Microfiber, what? 

A microfiber washcloth might not be a cleaning agent, but it’s a cleaning tool that every household needs to own. It’s best for dusting, cleaning small crevasses and removing pesky dirt and grime. 

If you’ve yet to experience microfiber, you might be wondering how this type of cloth differs from your standard cleaning cloths.

The truth is, microfiber cloths are incredibly effective at picking up dust and debris. As compared to a standard washcloth, the fibers are much finer. This means that they can get into smaller places and pick up the dirt and grime. 

8. Limescale Remover 

If you’ve ever faced a bathroom clean without limescale remover, the odds are that it didn’t go very well. 

So, what’s limescale? 

This is the chalky deposit that finds itself on bathroom surfaces such as sink and showerheads. Scientifically speaking, it’s the deposit of calcium carbonate that is left behind by hard water. 

In order to effectively clean these surfaces, you’re going to need a designated limescale remover. You can spray this onto anything from your shower doors to your taps. After leaving it for a few minutes, you can simply wipe it away and watch the limescale disappear! 

This limescale remover is also effective for cleaning kettles, hot water boilers, and pipework. 

9. Bleach 

Ah, yes, bleach. The one cleaning product that every household loves to hate. 

Love it or hate it, bleach is an essential cleaning product for any home. Although it’s used sparingly, you’re going to find yourself counting on bleach for several occasions. 

How about when your infant has an accident on the expensive white duvet that you just bought? Or, what about the time your dog soiled your collection of white towels? In these moments, you’re going to be thankful to have bleach on hand. 

Fortunately, a growing number of companies have started to offer more eco-friendly bleach products. This means that you can use bleach without such environmental guilt. 

Cleaning Products 

Have you been long ignoring the need to deep clean your home? 

Let’s face it, no one particularly enjoys the art the deep clean. It’s dirty, it’s time-consuming and it requires a wide variety of cleaning products. In fact, 31 percent of people admit to never or very rarely deep cleaning their homes.

While it might be easy to ignore the notion of cleaning, there’s no denying that it’s an essential part of life. Without properly cleaning our home, we’re all the more likely to experience physical sickness and even mental health issues. 

So, what’s the best place to start? 

Take a moment to collect all of the essential cleaning products for your deep clean. Once you have these products in tow, cleaning your home isn’t going to feel like such an overwhelming task. Go on, it’s time to get scrubbing! 

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