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woman beautyFortunately, after putting heads together, the PS2364646 water filter is an efficient alternative to tap water and bottled water; refrigerator filtration systems are beneficial for the family. Clean water is always a positive option, compared to the risks of unfiltered resources. Furthermore, in most instances, filtered drinking water is the safest, healthiest, and least expensive way to preserve your water reservoir for consumption. Moreover, filtered water is recommended by practitioners concerning periods of cleansing and detoxification. The PS2364646 is compatible with the Frigidaire ULTRAWF water filter.

Comparatively, the PS2364646 water filter is built with effective materials that are specifically designed to collect and prevent risky contaminants while enabling a clean, fresh, and desirable supply of water to flow from your refrigerator external spigot (i.e. water dispenser).

Top Three Benefits of Filtering Drinking Water

1) Mineral-rich water –  filters are designed to remove the unhealthy contaminants from

your sources of water (I.e. municipal or well water supply) without risking losing the natural

minerals that promote good health.ULTRAWF_14

2) Easy to use and replace – Water filters are designed to be interchanged without the need for

specialty tools. In fact, a simple firm hand-grip is effective at getting into the filter compartment

to remove and replace old filters that need to be safely discarded. Surprisingly, within several

minutes, an expected fresh water supply can be protected for up to six more months at a time.

3) Cost effective – According to professional sources, simply adding a respectable filtration

system with an efficient filter saves hundreds to thousands of dollars, with less risk of waste (e.g. water bottles).

Furthermore, the design is simple to remove and replace, just like OEM filters. Additionally, this carbon filter design performs by utilizing an identical process of contamination removal, absorption, which is a physical or chemical bond of a contaminant to the filter media (the inner portion of the filter cartridge).

How to Install the PS2364646 Filter:

  1. Uninstall the old fridge filter cartridge by holding it firmly pushing until the filter is released from the original filter head.
  2. Remove and discard the old filter.
  3. Replace the old fridge filter cartridge by installing the new filter—fit into the filter head and push until the filter cartridge is firmly connected. (You will hear a click)
  4. Open the flow of water through the dispenser portion to accumulate 4-gallons (run for approx. 4 – 5 minutes); run water continuously until it begins to sputter stop. Note: allot 1 – 2 minutes of delay in water dispersal to enable internal water tank to fill.
  5. Reset water filter change notification in accordance with the refrigerator model’s original owners manual.

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