PS503621 / WF2CB Refrigerator Water Filters How To Guide

PS503621 / WF2CB Water Filters

The purity of the water in your home has an important impact on the health of your family. Fortunately, you can filter contaminants out of your drinking water so that it’s pristine and healthy with the help of the PS503621 water filter.

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Contaminants that can be eliminated by the PS503621 filter

The types of contaminants that are potentially present in your home’s drinking water include dirt, soil, dissolved minerals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and metals like copper and lead. When these material are present, they can cause or aggravate a variety of health problems.

The PS503621 filter will be able to filter out the majority of these contaminants and thereby reduce turbidity in the water, improving both the safety and the appearance of the water in your home.

How filtration works

This type of filter works by using activated carbon to create a trap that effectively filters particles out of tap water. The filter will be placed in a refrigerator/freezer unit in such a way that it filters both the water dispenser supply and the water line that goes to the unit’s ice maker. This way, even the unit’s ice cubes will be made from filtered water that is free of contaminants.

How the PS503621 / WF2CB filter is installed

A simple filter installation process is important to ensuring that your filter is always clean and functioning effectively. With PS503621 refrigerator water filters, installation is simple and quick.

In order to install the filter, the ice maker of the refrigerator/freezer unit must be turned off using the power switch. After it is turned off, the filter can be released by pressing a filter release button. This will allow the old filter to be removed so that the new filter can be put in its place.

The filter needs to be placed in to the opening left by the old filter until a double click is heard which ensures that it is in place.

After the installation, the ice maker can be turned back on once again. It’s important to remember to reset the water filter indicator immediately after installation of the new filter so that it accurately reflects how old the current filter is.


When to Replace Your Water Filter

Typically, the filter will need to be replaced once every six months to ensure the highest possible water purity. However, the indicator will indicate if the water dispenser of the refrigerator/freezer unit is being used with such a high frequency that the new filter needs to be changed before six months has passed.

Replacing the filter is not only important for ensuring water quality. It also ensures that particles do not build up in the filter that clog the unit and potentially cause damage to the refrigerator/freezer.

Access to pure, fresh water is a necessity for ensuring health and comfort in a home’s residents. Getting a PS503621  / WF2CB filter to maximize the purity of your water is one of the easiest things you can do to drastically improve the health of your home.

The PS503621 / WF2CB is also compatible with the following part numbers:

  • 218732308
  • 218732309
  • 218732309A
  • 218732309B
  • 218732309C
  • 218732309D
  • 218732309E
  • 218732309F
  • 218732309G
  • 218732310
  • 240396401
  • 240396402
  • 240396403
  • 240396404
  • 240396406
  • 240396701
  • 240508034
  • 241527301
  • 241968501
  • 241968503
  • 46-9911
  • 46-9911P
  • 46-9916
  • 46-9916P
  • 4609911000
  • 4609916000
  • 469911
  • 469911P
  • 469916
  • 469916P
  • 69625-CT-001
  • 76080000
  • 9911
  • 9911P
  • 9916
  • 9916P
  • AP2538969
  • FC-100
  • FC100
  • MB-100
  • MB100
  • MBFC-2003
  • MBFC2003
  • PS1148409
  • PS503621
  • PS898865
  • SWF2CB
  • WF2CB
  • WF2MB

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