Know Your Fridge Filter: 8001P

The 8001P water filter is one of the most efficient tools in your home for cleansing water. If you worry about what’s in the water that you drink, these refrigerator water filters can work to remove those particles and ensure that your family has access to clean, refreshing water. The 8001P or UKF8001 water filters are available from us at affordable prices. You’ll have no trouble enjoying quality, crystal clear water when you install a new filter. And, it’s easy to do so.

How Do Refrigerator Water Filters Actually Work?ukf8001 Water Filter diagram

This small tube does a lot of work in cleaning the water from your refrigerator but it all happens quickly so there is no risk that you’ll have a delay. It’s all due to the carbon that’s located within the filter. The 8001P water filter contains activated carbon. This carbon is designed to be very porous and, as such, it allows for the better adsorption of materials to it. Adsorption works to attract and hold onto materials commonly found in tap water and well water. This includes dissolved solids, liquids, and gases.

In your tap water are numerous types of undesirable components including mold, bacteria, chlorine, asbestos, and lead. When water enters into the inner chamber of the 8001P water filters, the activated carbon holds onto these particles. The water, which is now crystal clear, washes over the carbon and comes out into your glass. The clean water is refreshing and free from many of these substances.

Changing Your 8001P Water Filters

Refrigerators that use the 8001P water filters generally have the housing established in the upper left-hand side of the interior of the fridge. Once you find the housing unit, you’ll need to remove the old filter and insert the new one. This is done very quickly by following these steps:

  • First, find the housing unique for your 8001P water filter. Then, locate the pull or push tab. If it is a pull tab, it is generally recessed on the underside of the housing unit.
  • When you use the pull or push tab, a latch will appear.
  • Use the latch to twist the filter in a counterclockwise motion. You’ll feel the filter release from the housing unit.
  • Pull it straight forward.
  • Then, insert the new 8001P refrigerator water filters in the reverse order.

Most manufacturers recommend changing the water filters on a regular basis, at least one time every six months. However, many refrigerators have a sensor that will provide you with an indication that it needs to be changed or you may notice that the water is slowing when coming out.

If the ukf8001 filter is not your model, here is a quick list of our other popular fridge filters:MWF, DA29-00020B, DA29-00003G, 4396710, W10295370 and theADQ36006101filter.

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