8 Futuristic Gadgets and Appliances You Can Buy in 2017!

8 Futuristic Gadgets and Appliances You Can Buy in 2017!

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room and throughout the house, we could all use time- and energy-saving gadgets and appliances to make life a bit easier. Here are eight such items that are available right now.

Wemo Smart Slow CookerCrock-Pot 6-Quart Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

Crock-Pots are a great way to prepare meals and save you the stress of quickly cooking a meal for the whole family after work. Sometimes though, even a conventional Crock-Pot can’t cut it in certain situations. Stuck later than you thought at work? Hopefully your food doesn’t burn. Hunger hitting you earlier than usual? If only your meal would be done earlier than 2 hours from now. Worry no more. Now, with the Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo,  you can control your slow cooker from your phone. Toss the ingredients for your favorite recipe into the slow cooker before you depart. Download the app, and use your smartphone to adjust the cooking settings, even if you’re miles from your kitchen. Dinner will be ready when you are!


WeMo Shopping Button for Kitchenhiku: The Shopping Button

Sick of crumpled up shopping lists or forgetting that one item you really needed at the grocery store? Try hiku, the smart shopping button. Emptied the cereal box right before work? Scan the barcode with hiku and it will upload that item to your mobile shopping list. Just about to leave for the store and suddenly remember you need eggs? Speak into the hiku to add eggs to your list. What if your significant other gets out of work early and wants to get that shopping over with before you’re out? Hiku shopping lists can be shared with multiple users. You can even connect your shopping lists with online stores like Amazon to easily order online as well.


LG InstaView FridgeLG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

Let’s say you’ve got the midnight munchies (we’ve all had them one time or another). Rather than stand there with the fridge door wide open—letting all the cold air out, wasting electricity—just “Knock twice and see what’s inside.” That’s right, no need to yell at the kids for staring at the fridge for minutes on end just to ultimately leave empty-handed. The LG InstaView even has a “door-in-door” feature that allows you to place your most used items right separate from everything else, saving you even more on your energy bill.


Sensorwake Alarm ClockSensorwake: The First Olfactory Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks: jarring, disagreeable, and just plain annoying. I’ve even tried those so-called “smart alarm” apps that claim to wake you up gently with music that starts out quiet but still gets loud in the end. Alarms have always just been a necessary evil in life. But, would if you could wake up with no loud and annoying buzzing? Sensorwake gently nudges you awake with a selection of evocative scents, including croissant, espresso, toast, chocolate, and fresh-cut grass. Waking up has never been easier—or more pleasant.


PetNet's SmartFeederPetnet SmartFeeder

You’re going away for one night and don’t want to hire a pet sitter to feed the cat. Fill the SmartFeeder’s reservoir with kitty’s favorite dry food, program the feeder to dispense food on schedule, and monitor via the app on your phone.


WinBot950WINBOT 950: The Window Cleaning Robot

“I love cleaning windows!” said no one ever. If only your Roomba could drive up the windows and do the cleaning for you. Or, even better, you can buy the WINBOT950: The Window Cleaning Robot! Let the WINBOT 950 do the job so you can do something you actually enjoy… or you can just sit back and enjoy the crystal-clear, streak-free view.


The Frame TV by SamsungThe Frame from Samsung

It’s art. No, it’s a TV. Actually, it’s both! This ultra-thin, wall-mounting flat screen offers many customizable options to go with your room’s decor. Choose one of more than 100 beautiful images to display when the TV is not in use. The frame is interchangeable, too. No more staring at an ugly black screen when you’re not binge-watching your favorite show.


Blink Home Security SystemBlink Home Security Camera System

Monitor your home from your phone 24/7. Blink provides motion-activated audio and video coverage. It’s wire-free, so it’s easy to install. Blink is a big money-saver: no installation or monthly monitoring fees, and the batteries last up to two years. The slightly more costly XT model with night vision is weatherproof. Rest easy knowing your home is protected, no matter where you are.

Why wait until the future to enhance your home’s appeal and simplify your life ? These eight fun-to-use, practical gadgets and appliances are here in 2017.

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