7 healthy infused water recipes for every day of the week

7 Healthy Infused Water Recipes for Every Day of the Week

On a hot summer day, it’s important to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.  Drinking the right amount of water each day can improve muscle function during exercise and reduce hunger and overeating.  Sometimes it’s hard to ditch the soda and find ways to drink more water every day. I keep a water bottle with me whenever I can to try and stay hydrated all day, but often find myself growing tired of drinking flavorless water. I went online and found a surprisingly extensive list of infused water recipes to spruce up my drinking water.  I’ve complied my list of favorite combinations that have bonus health benefits as well.


Citrus and Mint – Bloating Relief

citrus and mint infused waterBloating can be an uncomfortable experience. With this recipe, you can provide the natural relief your body desires.  Simply add 2 sliced lemons, 10 fresh mint leaves, ½ of a sliced cucumber, and two teaspoons of chopped ginger root to three quarts of water.  Let the mixture stand in a covered pitcher overnight to manage mild bloating caused by overeating, salty foods or PMS. The combination of fruits and vegetables with natural diuretic properties makes this beverage ideal for bloating relief. Serve hot or chilled over ice.

Pineapple, Strawberries, Oranges – Immune Booster

pineapple, strawberry, and orange infused waterMy little one was sick this past week, and I’ve been doing everything I can to not become ill. A strong immune system can help increase your immunity to illness and heal inflammatory infections faster.  For a sweet, flavorful beverage loaded with vitamin C, add 1 cup of cubed pineapple, 1 cup of chopped strawberries, and 2 peeled oranges to 3 quarts of water.  The chopped pineapple is an excellent source of bromelain – a chemical with anti-inflammatory effects. The strawberries and oranges have large quantities of the antioxidant vitamin C.  This beverage can help prevent sinusitis or the common cold.  Chill for at least two hours before drinking.

Watermelon – Muscle Recovery

watermelon infused waterFor me, nothing tastes better than an ice-cold slice of watermelon after a hot summer run. So it comes as no surprise that this recipe provides for an excellent pre-workout beverage.  Skip the sugary sports drinks by adding ½-cup of seedless, cubed watermelon, 1 tablespoon of fresh, chopped mint to a 20-ounce bottle. Research has shown that watermelon before exercise can reduce heart rates and muscle soreness.  Let this refreshing beverage chill over night to receive the maximum amount of flavor.

Citrus and Ginger – Nausea Reliefcitrus and ginger infused water

If you’ve ever had a ginger ale to relieve an upset stomach, this uses the same concept.  Ginger is a natural, safe remedy for nausea.  It has been used to relieve morning sickness, car sickness, and other ailments.  For a homemade sugar-free anti-nausea tea, place 6 cups of water in a medium-sized saucepan on your stove.  Add in juice from two lemons and a washed, peeled ginger root.  Heat the mixture until it boils. Cover and lower the heat, simmering for 10-15 minutes.  You can drink this beverage hot, chilled, or poured over ice.  Replace one lemon with an orange for extra sweetness.

Raspberries and Sage – Relaxationraspberry and sage

Often held in repute for its comforting relaxation effects, sage infusions give a beverage a natural calming effect to help you wind down after a long day.  This fruity beverage uses the carbohydrates found in raspberries to allow your brain to produce serotonin, the feel-good chemical in the brain.  Ass ¼ cup crushed raspberries, ¼ cup crushed pineapple, and 2 fresh sage leaves to 16 ounces of water to make this soothing solution. Allow this drink to cool for at least two hours, or freeze it for 10 minutes until cold.

Apple Cinnamon – Metabolismapple and cinnamon infused water

With fall fast approaching, this flavorful recipe is perfect for sipping and watching the leaves change color.  Both apples and cinnamon can raise your metabolism.  Apples are extremely rich in antioxidants as well as vitamin C and vitamin B complex.  The phytonutrients and antioxidants in apples may help reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.  Cinnamon can help lower cholesterol, fight diabetes, and relieve arthritis pain.  This recipe is simple. Slice one apple (Fuji and Honey Crisp work best). Cut away the seeds. Take 1 stick of cinnamon – don’t use powder! Cover with ice about ½ way through the pitcher, then with water. Place in fridge 1 hour before serving. You can refill the container 2-3 times before losing its flavor.

Dark Berries and Pomegranate seeds – Aging – Antioxidantsdark berry and pomegranate infused water

For a flavor-filled concoction rife with antioxidants, look no further than this recipe.  Using dark berries and pomegranate seeds, both rich in antioxidants, sipping on this beverage can help reduce the aging process.  Chop ½ cup of dark berries such as grapes and raspberries.  Add ¼ cup of pomegranate seeds to 2 quarts of water.  Chill for 2 hours before serving. Ditch the soda and sugary beverages with this naturally sweet flavor-packed cup of wellness.

There are countless ways to spruce up your drinking water to create a healthy, refreshing beverage.  Staying hydrated all day can bring about a number of benefits and will make you feel more alert and active throughout the day.  Try out some of these recipes and make sure that you use a refrigerator water filter to ensure that your tap water is healthy, clean, and pathogen-free. To make these delicious and healthy infused water recipes easier for the busy lifestyle try making them in advance and freezing them into ice cubes to drop in your water bottle in the morning!

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