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7 Easy Tips for Fall Fitness

As days begin to shorten and the cover of night approaches a little earlier each day, it can be difficult to stay committed to your fitness plan. However, just because it is colder outside does not meant that it is not important to maintain a healthy level of exercise.  With these tips and the proper mindset, you’ll be able to make a fitness strategy that will work to your advantage in the upcoming colder months.

1.) Bundle Up

The change in climate means that the temperature can change drastically depending on where you live – so be prepared. Don’t bust out the full set of winter gear just yet. Try using breathable, moisture-wicking clothing when you exercise outside.  Although it may seem daunting at first when you step outside into the chilly weather, your body will quickly warm up once you get your blood pumping. Wear a hat to keep your head insulated and try not to overdress.

2.) Enjoy the Scenery

            Fall is nature’s firework display. Grab your jacket and head to the outdoors.  Exercising doesn’t feel like hard work when you have beautiful displays of colorful foliage to distract you.  Take your dog on a long walk outside or go apple picking with your family.  The cooler weather may make crowded running trails sparse and easy to lose yourself in nature. Enjoy the nice, cool weather before winter comes.autumn runner feet

3.) Become a Morning Person

With the shortened days, along with it comes dark mornings and early evenings, but this does not mean the outdoors are off-limits.  As long as you take measures to stay safe, you can start your mornings with a boost and won’t have to worry about getting your workout in for the rest of the day.  Be sure to wear reflective workout clothes instead of dark or even white clothing. Carry a flashlight or invest in a headlamp such as the LED Lenser to illuminate your path and help keep an eye on your footing.  Bikers should also use blinking lights to signal their presence. Try to stay on designated paths or trails in place of dark or heavily-trafficked roads.

4.) Try Something New

            For many gyms, exercise classes and courses begin in the fall. What better time is there to start a new, healthy hobby? If you have a gym membership, ask about deals on intro classes to find a class that interests you.  This can give you a new way to branch out, meet new people, and give you another avenue for a commitment to fitness. Fall is the perfect time to train a new physical skill. You burn fewer calories when you begin a new activity, so by next summer, you’ll be proficient at your new abilities and burn more calories by doing it.

5.) Work out at Home

Don’t plan on going to the gym or getting a membership this season? Don’t worry – you can get a full workout without leaving the house. Save money by freezing your gym membership for a couple months.  Fall signals the arrival of many premieres of hit TV shows.  Try doing a work out in your own living room. Lift weights, run the treadmill, or do push-ups and sit-ups during commercial breaks.  In a one-hour program, you could have up 20 minutes’ worth of commercial time to squeeze in a workout.

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6.) Don’t Pick Up Holiday Weight

From Trick-or-Treating to Thanksgiving dinners, there are plenty of opportunities to cheat on your diet during the holidays. Studies show that the average adult gains around a pound a year during the fall.  Be sure to say no to sugary snacks that show up around the home or office and to pack plenty of healthier alternatives to cure pesky cravings throughout the day.  It can be easy to overlook a few extra pounds through a bulky sweater, so take care to weigh yourself regularly – preferably at the same time every day.

7.) Stay Hydrated

Not only should you watch what you are eating this fall, but take care to drink enough water during the day as well. People tend to feel less thirsty when it isn’t hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you should drink any less water. Staying hydrated is just as important in the cool weather as it is when the sun is blazing. Drink water throughout the day or stay warm by drinking a hot cup of tea.  Keep your fluid intake regulated to ease exercise recovery and appetite control. Be sure to use a refrigerator water filter to ensure that your home’s tap water is refreshing and healthy.


Everyone is motivated by different goals. Some want to strengthen their muscles. Others want to tone their bodies. Some people just want to drop a few pounds.  It is important to find the motivation to stick to those goals so that you can see real, tangible results.  Use these tips to find something that you can enjoy doing, and you will be likely to keep it up.  Remember that your hard work will pay off if you just keep with it.

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