Know Your Fridge Filter: 67003526

Replacing your 67003526 water filter is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your family has access to fresh, clean drinking water. If you use tap water brought into your home from city water supplies or you use well water, water filters are one of the most important ways to cleanse that water before your loved ones drink it. Water filters like 67003526 or UKF8001 work to remove unseen particles from the tap water, ensuring that you always have access to crystal clean water for drinking and for ice.ukf8001 Water Filter diagram

How Do Refrigerator Filters Work?

The 67003526 refrigerator water filter works by using activated carbon to remove particles from the water as it passes through. Activated carbon is unique in that it is very porous. This is because activated carbon has much more surface area. It is this surface area that works to clean the water particles from the source. It uses a process called adsorption to work. Adsorption, which is unlike absorption, allows gas, dissolved solids, and liquid to adhere to the surface of the carbon, trapping it there.

During this process, the 67003526 water filter will have water come into the filter from the tap or water line. The water moves into the chamber with the activated carbon. The carbon holds onto the particles in the water, such as mold, asbestos, lead, chlorine, and cysts. The crystal clear water, though, flows through the carbon and out into your drinking glass when you draw the water. You get crystal clear water and the “bad stuff” stays behind.

How to Replace the 67003526 Water Filters

Refrigerator filters like 67003526 or UKF8001 are fairly efficient and can last for months. When you need to change them, first locate the filter. In this model, you will generally find the filter located in the upper, inside left-hand corner of your refrigerator. Then, follow these steps for removing it.

  • Find the filter’s push or pull-tab. If it is a pull-tab, it may be recessed on the underside of the housing unit.
  • Once you find the tab, push or pull it, depending on the style. This will release a latch.
  • Turn the latch in a counterclockwise motion until you feel a slight pop.
  • Pull slightly on the filter and it will come straight out.
  • Once removed, replace with a new 67003526 water filter and follow these steps in reverse to secure it.

Once in place, you’ll need to flush it. You’ll want to run about one to two gallons of water through the refrigerator water filter to ensure it is clean.

When to Change the 67003526 Water Filters

It’s often recommended that you change your refrigerator water filters every six months. Your refrigerator may also have a sensor and tell you when it needs to be replaced. Luckily, we offer discount water filters including discount 67003526 water filters. Our products are 100% guaranteed for up to a year. And we offer 100% free shipping and returns without a minimum order.

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