6 ways to help save our oceans

Did you know oceans take up 71% of the Earth’s surface? Due to its large surface area, our oceans are extremely important to our environment. In recent years, the number of pollutants put into our oceans has increased, which has decreased the amount of marine life living in our oceans. Oceans provide food and water for all living species, as well as provide an environmental impact too. Our oceans contain 97% of the world’s water supply and account for 1 in 6 jobs in America. In order to keep our oceans and jobs around, we need to start taking better care of them now. Below are 10 facts about our oceans and ways to help save them:

  • Use less plastic: The amount of trash that ends up in our oceans is getting out of control. We’ve created a pathway of trash (Great Pacific garbage Patch). This specific garbage patch is twice the size of Texas. Not only does plastic waste end up in this patch, but over 100,000 animals die each year from ingesting or becoming entangled in plastic. Start using reusable bags or limit the amount of plastic you use to help save marine life.

  • Make smart seafood choices: Seafood has become one of the most popular food choices throughout the globe, but our taste in food is impacting the oceans tremendously. In recent years, overfishing has become a problem and has created marine species to dwindle. We need to make safer seafood choices, whether it’s through cooking or our meals at restaurants, we can help keep the ocean healthy and sustainable. Read more at (National Geographic).


  • Help clean beaches and water ways: So many people believe that the amount they litter does not impact the environment, but this is extremely false. The amount of garbage we litter, can end up on beaches or in water ways no matter how far away you live. To help reduce the amount of trash that ends in the ocean, join beach cleanup and especially don’t litter. If all humans help recycle and reuse objects, we can assist in saving our oceans.


Trying to pick up plastic in the middle of pollution


  • Use fewer chemicals in home products: The runoff from gardens and yards can get into our water system. The water can then travel into the oceans, causing server damage to the marine life. Using fewer chemicals can help eliminate the chance for animals to get sick. To find out more ways on how to use less chemicals, click here.

  • Reduce your energy consumption: Our carbon footprint has more of an impact on the ocean than one may think. Oceans help control our climate by absorbing half of man-made carbon dioxide. We can help save our oceans, by using fluorescent lights, taking the stairs and turning own our thermostat.

Be responsible, considerate and get involved. Help save the oceans by spreading the word about charities, beach clean ups and more. The more people who get involved, the better the chance of saving our oceans are. Saving our oceans is a vital action and easy to do. Oceans account for 50-80% of life on Earth, life that needs to be saved.  To help protect our oceans, apply the six steps above to your daily life and spread the word about why everyone should join in too!

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