6 Important Benefits of Filtered Water for Pets

Did you know that 67% of homes in America own a pet? According to a survey recently conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 85 million American families live with a pet in their home.

Pets have become a part of the family unit now more than ever and taking care of them the way you would for a human family member is crucial to their well being.

You’ve spent hours researching the healthiest food for your pets but healthy water is often forgotten. There are so many benefits of filtered water. If you already give it to your family, you should think about giving it to your pets as well.

Keep reading to learn about all the great reasons for giving your pets filtered water.

1. Filtered Water Keeps Your Pets Hydrated

Pets are like humans in that we are composed mostly of water. So we all need water to keep ourselves hydrated and to cool off as well.

When pets have access to filtered water that tastes great they’ll be prone to want to drink more of it. The more water they drink the smaller the chance of them getting dehydrated after a day spent playing in the hot sun.

Staying hydrated, like with humans, will decrease the number of urinary tract infections dogs will suffer from. If your dog gets sick often, drinking more water will help them get back on their feet in no time. Filtered water can only do your pet good by keeping them hydrated.

2. They’ll Be Protected From Toxins

The most important thing about drinking filtered water is that it’ll protect your family and your furry friends from toxins. Although tap water goes through its own purifying process, each city and county might differ in how it upholds these processes. What this means is that tap water might not be properly purified as it comes out of your sink.

Even if it is there’s always a possibility of contaminants leaking through. Copper found in most rusty pipes of old homes has been tied to diseases of the liver and kidneys in both humans and animals. Buying one of our water filters will clear your water of contaminants.

3. Pets Will Be Healthier All-Around

Drinking clean water keeps your pet in great health as it helps them rid their body of the toxins they already have and in turn any things they’ve eaten without your knowledge, as pets tend to do. Filtered water for dogs is just the best option. Especially for those who have a more delicate digestive system or a weaker immune system like small breeds or older dogs.

Clean, filtered water will keep your pet healthy and strong throughout their life because clean water helps their cells regrow and thrive. This gives them the best chance of recovering from illnesses and living a relatively pain-free life.

4. Cold Filtered Water Is Good for Their Bodies

The myth that cold water is harmful to your dog and that it can lead to dangerous bloating has always been around but we’re here to tell you that this myth is completely false.

People get confused because when dogs drink water too quickly, as they tend to do, they often aspirate and begin to choke. This is a scary situation but not a result of cold water, just the way your pet drinks it.

Cold water can actually stop your dog from drinking too much, too quickly. So giving your pet cold, filtered water from the refrigerator is actually a benefit over warm water from the tap.

5. There’s Less Chlorine in Filtered Water

There are so many filtered water benefits and another big one is that a filter reduces the amount of chlorine in your drinking water. Drinking chlorine through tap water can cause major damage to your cells. It can also lead to coughing and difficulty breathing among other things.

The scary thing is that pets are more sensitize to the negative side effects of chlorine, as their digestive systems aren’t built to withstand that chemical. The best thing you can do for your pet is to use a water filter to eliminate chlorine from their drinking water.

6. Filtered Water Helps With Tear Staining

There are some great advantages of filtered water for pets including how it helps with tear staining. Tear stains are little dark marks that form under a dog’s eyes, most noticeable with dogs that have lighter colored fur.

These stains appear because of poor diet but also because of tap water that contains toxins. The bigger the tear stain, the more toxins your dog is ingesting through their food and through unfiltered water.

Buying a filter for your home and giving your pets filtered water will decrease the size of their tear stains and most importantly it’ll indicate that your pets are drinking clean water that isn’t harming their bodies.

The Benefits of Filtered Water for Your Pet

The benefits of filtered water outweigh any additional costs they might incur. Buying a filter will help take care and even improve the health of your family and your pets. You can’t put a price tag on your well being.

Filtered water will protect your pets from toxins and help them live healthy and longer lives and that’s something we all want for our pets. If you’re looking for a water filter or even a water bottle for your dog, we have just the thing for you and your furry friend!

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