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6 Effective Tips on Cleaning a Lawn Mower Air Filter

Sometimes your lawn mower stops working as well as it usually does. With a little bit of investigating it’s pretty easy to figure out that one of the most common reasons for this is a clogged air filter. The solution is simple; you can easily clean it yourself. Initially, the idea of cleaning an internal part of your lawnmower may seem pretty intimidating or dangerous, but by following these simple tips you can do it with peace of mind.

Do your research

Check online and in the manual on how to clean your specific make and model of a lawnmower. Some lawnmowers have a very simple mechanism that can be used to clean the air filters, while others have a more involved process. By understanding how your specific make and model of lawn mower operates, cleaning its air filter will be a piece of cake.

Make sure your lawnmower is off and all moving parts have stopped.

This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forget, to ensure that their lawnmower is disconnected from its power source and can’t turn on. Also, a lawnmower has many moving parts, especially in the engine. Many of these moving parts can keep moving for a while after the lawnmower has been shut off. Ensure that the lawnmower is disconnected and that it gives enough time for the moving parts to stop.

Disconnect your spark plug wire

For extra security, you can disconnect your spark plug wire before you start working on your lawn mower. The spark plug is an important part of an engine that allows it to turn on. By disconnecting the spark plug wire (which is usually very easy) you can be one hundred percent certain it’s safe to work on your lawn mower.

Paper filters can be bothersome

Many lawn mowers have disposable paper filters. These are easier to deal with since all you need to do is remove the dirty filter and replace it with a new one. It could be a big surprise though to realize that you need a new paper filter halfway through cleaning your lawnmower. So make sure you have spare filters available. You can find the new filters at a lawn fertilizer company; to find one, simply search online for the best lawn fertilizer company near me.

Ensure you have the right screws for the job

In almost all lawn mowers, you will have to unscrew an air filter cover before you can clean the inside. While the screws used are usually very standard, it’s not fun to be surprised that you need a special kind. Make sure you have the right tools for the job before you start.

Make sure you put everything back in place.

Keep a bowl or other container next to you when cleaning your air filter. Whenever you remove a screw or any other component, place it in the container so you don’t lose it. This way you’ll avoid the panic of looking for a small lost screw in the middle of your lawn.

Changing your lawn mower filter doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Sure, finding yourself in the middle of your usual chore and then having your machine die on you could be a reason for panic. But rest assured, most problems can be solved easily, without too much of a hassle. Just make sure you follow the steps we’ve mentioned, and we assure you, you’ll be whistling away while mowing your lawn in no time!

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