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6 Cool Tips to Help You Beat the Heat this Summer

I don’t know about you but it’s been a fairly cool summer with a lot of rain here in Central Indiana. But now the temperatures are rising into the 90s. Whether it’s been hot all summer or it’s just now getting that way for you, here’s 6 cool (pun intended) tips that will help you beat the heat.

1. Keep Your Blinds Closed During the Day

beat the heat by closing curtainsWe just moved into a new apartment and it faces the West. This means that at the hottest point of the day, the sun is gleaming right through our windows. The standard blinds that were already installed did not do a good enough job of blocking out the sun and it felt like a greenhouse if we didn’t constantly blast the air. When we couldn’t stand it anymore we ran to the local Target and picked up these Light-Blocking Curtain Panels. And man, did that make a difference.

We now close the curtains when leaving for work and when we come back, we barely have to run the AC and when we do, we can keep the thermostat higher.

2. Know Your Pulse Points for a Quick Cool-Down

beat the heat by running water over pulse pointsSo what are pulse points? Pulse points, to put it simply, are the points are the body where you can feel your pulse. The most well known spots are your neck (carotid artery) and wrists (radial and ulnar arteries). You can feel your pulse through these spots because the arteries can be compressed against a bone.

Because the blood is closer to the surface, you can help to cool your blood by placing a wet rag, ice pack, or running water over these points.

The easiest way for me to quickly cool down after being outside is to run cool water over my wrists for about a minute. It’s not a solution, but it’s a great temporary fix.

3. Circulate Your Air with Fans

beat the heat through air circulationWe all know how expensive it is to run AC during the summer. So if you are trying to save money or aren’t using AC at all, you can still keep the hot air out of your home with some clever fan placement.

If you look at the high-quality artistic rendering of a home I made (ha), you can understand what I’m getting at. When your home becomes filled with hot air, the best thing to do is push it out. A box fan pointed outwards in one window will suck out your warm air. In a different room, open a window and let the breeze flow in, or even use another fan to blow the air inwards. This creates a chain of constant air replacement, pushing out hot and bringing in cool.

Just make sure the two rooms can easily have air flow between them. And according to your climate, you might want to purchase humidifier or dehumidifier especially when bringing in outside air.

4. Seasonally Swap Your Bedding

beat the heat by using cotton sheetsThat heavy insulated comforter might be cozy in the winter, but it’s just going to get kicked to the floor in the summer. Invest in a new bed set or just some nice cotton sheets. Cotton insulates less and breathes easier in the heat.

For a super cool night’s sleep, throw your sheets in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer just before bed. Or try out this genius bed fan from Brookstone that I’ve always wanted to buy.

5. Become a Grill Masterbeat the heat by grilling outside

If I had to think of the best way to quickly heat up your home, it would be to cook indoors. The last thing you want to do when your home feels like it’s 100 degrees, is turn on a 400 degree oven. Especially in an apartment with so little space, things get warm pretty quick.

Grilling not only results in amazing food, but it keeps all of the heat of cooking outside your walls. Even if it’s sweltering outside, you can place your grill in a shady area or look into installing an awning or big umbrella.

6. Drink Water (Duh!)

drink filtered water and beat the heatEveryone remembers their mom telling them to “stay hydrated” on those hot summer days. But even if you’re not running around and climbing trees outside like you used to, staying hydrated throughout the day will keep you cooler while you’re driving home from work or heading to bed.

Check out: 10 Easy Tips to Drink More Water Everyday

I constantly have an ice cold water bottle with me while at work. Even on days where it’s my turn to drive the car without air conditioning, the drive isn’t as bad as when I used to drink less water. I also don’t drink pop anymore and that has helped a lot too.

Well there you have it, always stay hydrated by drinking clean, filtered water, and by implementing even one or two of these tips you can beat the heat this summer.




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