6 Brilliant Camping Hacks

Getting ready for your next camping trip? Here are some awesome tips to help you with your planning.

1. Lighting a Camp Fire
When you take matches on a camp-out, you worry that they could get wet. The way to prevent that from happening is to paint them with either varnish or clear nail polish. The tip of the match can still get rubbed against something gritty so that it’ll catch fire, and yet coated with that varnish or nail polish; it won’t get wet. Word has it that Doritos make a fantastic kindling because they will burn. A road flare that most of us have in our trunks will start fires too. A cotton wool soaked in Vaseline is a great fire starter as well.

2. Clothing
When you get up in the morning, it’s not fun to put on those cold clothes, right? So take the clothes you want to wear in the morning and put them in your sleeping bag with you as you sleep. While you’re all cozy and warm, so will your clothes be in the morning. Get a bunch of little key rings and put them on all your zippers jackets pants because when your fingers have gloves on them, or they’re just cold and stiff, this is a great easy way to zip your clothing.

3. Pest control 
That’s one reason a lot of people won’t go camping. Get a box of grits and sprinkle it around. Another thing you can do that will repel mosquitoes is to get some fresh sage and burn it in your campfire. That scent will repel mosquitoes. Ticks are the most dangerous pests, and you do not want to get a tick bite.  A great tick repellent formula is to mix one part tea tree oil and two parts water and rub that on your skin. Hopefully, it will keep ticks at bay. If you do happen to get a tick liquid soft soap soaked onto a cotton ball,  just rub the surface, and it’ll make the tick back out.

4. Clean Water
Clean water is one of the most important things you need to have when camping. If portable water isn’t available, you can use survival straws, boiling, UV light, and disinfecting tablets for cleaning out questionable water.

5. Makeshift Microwave

Ever wished you can bring a microwave with you on your next camping trip? It would make life so much easier. For this, all you need is a cereal box, aluminum foil , and a sunny day. First, cut the cereal box so it can open. Aluminum foil is normally not something you want to put in your microwave, but this time it’s okay. Wrap the inner part of the box with the aluminum foil. Place the food inside and give it quite a bit of time. It’s best to try something like a grilled cheese sandwich before possibly using it to cook meat.

6. Storage 
Make sure you don’t lose anything important on your camp-out like keys. Take your keys, get a little screw with a little eye at the top, twist it into a cork and attach it to your key ring. If by any chance your keys fall into a lake or a river, you are safe because the cork will keep them floating.

All of those camping hacks are guaranteed to make you have an excellent time with your family and friends.

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6 Brilliant Camping Hacks
Article Name
6 Brilliant Camping Hacks
Getting ready for your next camping trip? Here are some awesome tips to help you with your planning.

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  1. Grits are a food. I’m not sure that I would sprinkle food about….also, unclear what the grits are supposed to repel.

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