5 Steps to Replacing the Media in Your Filter Frame Box

5 Steps to Replacing Filter MediaA filter frame box saves you money on media replacement because, rather than replacing the entire box, which is burdensome, you simply replace the accordion-style media. A ten-minute process, if that. I use a filter frame box because I look at it as a one-time purchase. Cheaper shipping. Cheaper filters. Easy choice.

When you purchase a filter frame box, it will arrive with media already inside. But, eventually, you’ll have to replace it. Here are a few simple steps for replacement. Follow along with the video below if you need more help.

Step 1 

This is the easiest: remove the filter frame box from your HVAC. But before you do this, make sure you turn off all power to your heating or cooling unit. This makes sure that you don’t get dust or particles in the system if it were to turn on while you were replacing the media.

Step 2

You’ll see four tabs on the filter frame box. Switch these to open up, allowing the sides of the frame to go down. This will give you access to the media for removal.

Step 3

The old media easily lifts out and can be discarded. Because of their design, these are much easier to get rid of because they aren’t as bulky, and you can fold them up and throw them out.

Step 4

Uncoil the new media in order to insert into the filter frame. The cardboard end of the new media ought to fit snugly into the first channel on the filter frame. Then, matching the old media, place one fold per base on the filter frame box.

Now, there are only two accordion filters that fit several different frames, so you might have more folds than you do channels. No problem. You can bunch up any extra folds into one channel if you have extras. It’ll still work fine.

Step 5

Once you’ve inserted all the folds, bring up the sides of the box so you can reattach to the new media. Flip the tabs back in place to secure the media, and now you’ve successfully replaced your media!

Not as difficult as it sounded, huh? Projects like these are great because it’s not a lot of time out of your day, and you save money. I like that.

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