5 Reasons Why Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water

Water is an essential part of life. So naturally, people want to drink the cleanest water possible. To appeal to consumers, bottled water companies advertise the health benefits of their bottled water.  The question is, is bottled water really better than filtered tap water?

  1. Most Bottled Water is Not Supervised

    Young Healthy Woman Drinks Water From Bottled or tap water

While the FDA regulates bottled water, their oversight does not extend to water that is bottled and sold within the state lines.  Bottling companies are required to complete an annual inspection, but if a product is found to be contaminated they are not required to alert consumers. The product just simply must be removed from store shelves. In contrast, tap water is routinely inspected for purity and the levels of any contaminants in it.

  1. Bottled Water Does Not Mean Safe Water

Most consumers consider bottled water to be safer to drink because it comes from a natural spring or glacier.  Unfortunately many times the water source is less than desirable.  By using faucet filters or a refrigerator water filter, you can remove contaminates found in tap water and know exactly where your water is coming from.

  1. Water Bottles Produce Considerable Wastedrink filtered water and beat the heat

Water bottles have a small percentage of recycled material. Most consumers do not recycle plastic water bottles as often as aluminum cans. This can account for a large amount of additional garbage.  By using filtered water in a reusable water bottle, you will not only reduce the amount of garbage in a landfill, but also reduce the costs of having to recycle as many plastic bottles.

  1. Drinking From Disposable Water Bottles Can Have Safety Issues

Consumers often leave their bottles of water inside a hot car or in the sun for long periods of time.  When the plastic of the water bottle heats, toxins can be created causing health conditions for consumers. In addition, consumers may be at risk when drinking from office water coolers because water coolers are not BPA free.

  1. Bottled Water is Expensive

Paying a dollar for a bottle of water may not seem expensive, but the total can add up fast. Every year, the average American spends more than $100 on bottled water. Using faucet filters can save an average of $300 annually while still providing good tasting, contaminant free, water.

So, whether you choose faucet or fridge filters, using water filters instead of bottled water will provide you with great tasting and contaminant free water. Also, it will be better for your health and wallet.

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Tap Water is Better Than Bottled Water”

  1. I really liked that you mentioned that tap water is routinely inspected for purity. My youngest daughter is working on a project for school about the purity of the water we consume and how we can have better health as communities. In my opinion, one can never be too careful when drinking water and inspecting it to make sure it is as pure as possible.

    • We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for sharing and good luck to your daughter on her project!

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