Know Your Fridge Filter: 469930

The 469930 refrigerator water filter is specially designed to provide you and your home with fresh, clear and clean drinking water to keep you healthy and refreshed all year long. Never worry about unclean or polluted water once you’ve installed this unique filter for as long as it lasts. The 469930 water filter will remove unwanted contaminants from your indoor water supply for the delivery of crystal clear ice and superior tasting drinking water. This top quality filter is an indispensable necessity for homes with a compatible refrigerator, and it is compatible with a wide variety of quality refrigerators making it a very versatile product.

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How Water Filtration Works

By using an advanced carbon filtration process, the 469930 filter employs activated carbon to remove unhealthy impurities from the tap water you drink. You may be asking, “what is activated carbon?” Activated carbon is a specialized formulation of carbon which, due to being extremely porous, enables it to large amounts of impurities and toxins. The porousness of this material means that it offers a very large surface area for its size and that it will tend to grab and hold onto particles that come into contact with it.  The vastly increased surface area of activated carbon filters gives this material a superb profile. Often confused with absorption- adsorption is a mechanical process by which a liquid, gas, or fluid dissolved solid is made to adhere to a specially designed surface.

The water filtration process begins the instant the water comes into contact with the carbon element after entering the filter chamber via the water line in your refrigerator. As the 469930 filter fills with water, the unfiltered water is pushed through an inner chamber which contains the activated carbon. The carbon attracts all unwanted particulates in your indoor water supply such as chlorine, lead, cysts, asbestos, mold, and bacteria. The unwanted materials are captured by the carbon as freshly cleaned water passes through the carbon element. The result is crystal clear, refreshing, and clean water.

Filter Installation:


1. Remove your old filter cartridge.
2. Apply the date indicator sticker to the cartridge to serve as a reminder when to replace the filter.
3. Run water through your water dispenser for 5 minutes.
4. Check the filter area for leaks.

These refrigerator filters are specially designed for longevity, and will last for up to six months. The 469930 replacement water filter will reduce as much as 99% of the impurities that can adversely affect the quality and taste of your water. It fits easily into refrigerator models that use following the W10295370, W10295370A, and 46-9930 filters. Discount Fridge Filters Carries this and many more fine water filters and filtration components.

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