Know Your Fridge Filter: 469690

The 469690 is a refrigerator water filter, which is placed in the upper right corner of the fridge; the filter normally contains single or double types namely; – releases push or pull. The discount water filter is a gadget fixed on your refrigerator that provides clean, clear, and cool water/ice cubes for drinking or any other use. The filter’s primary objective is to emit dirt or any other unwanted substances to clean and purify your water, for a healthy living be it for home or commercial refrigeration. Depending of the size and type of your refrigerator be it commercial or residential a water filter is designed by the manufacturer for that specific type of fridge, but the 469690 filter fits and works easily with a variety of refrigerators.01-filterGraphic-RFW115

In order for your filter to work properly remember to replace it every 3-6 months. Not only do these water filters provide your household with clean water, but there reduce the amount of impurities in your water. These impurities can consist of:

  • Lead
  • Dust
  • Chlorine
  • Sediment
  • Dirt

The Filtration Process

Ones the water enters the filtration chamber, which is connected, to you refrigerator, the water flows directly to the filter chamber. Utilizing activated carbon, a form of carbon designed to be extremely porous, to do away with unwanted impurities from tap water.  Increased surface area of activated carbon allows making use of a gas/liquid/ dissolved solid adhering process to a surface known as higher adsorption instead absorption of the impurities/dirt such as chlorine, sediment, sand, rust, cysts, lead, asbestos, bacteria, and mold, doing away with unclean/ unwanted materials which are seized resulting to clarity and freshness in the water.

When it comes to refrigerator or any other type of water filter as like any other equipment losses its quality when in use constantly, hence becoming a problem towards your health and refrigerator since the effectiveness in seizing the impurities from the water is low. The most common recommendation so as to avoid this sort of value lowing issue is to constantly change the filter (once after every 6 months) to keep your water refreshing.

The LT700P filter is an Eco-friendly choice when it comes to refrigerator water filtration, which is sold with a satisfaction guarantee of one whole year, the commodity also comes at a very considerable/recommendable discount offer.

Installation Process

Easy way to install the 469690 fridge filter system in your refrigerator is. Simply follow these steps:

The filter is commonly found in the upper right corner of the fridge, the filter will have one of two types, which are releases, push or pull.

The push tab will be located in front of the filter housing:

  1. Once you push the latch on the filter the tab easily releases by opening the housing.
  2. By turning the filter counterclockwise continuously the filter will come out.
  3. Pull the filter straight out
  4. Simply reverse the process in order to replace the old filter with a new one.

When it comes to a pull-tab withdrawn from the front underneath the filter cover.

  • Start by locating the secluded tab and removing the housing cover.
  • The latch easily releases by pulling it forward.
  • Then turn the filter one quarter towards right.
  • Pull the filter straight out.
  • Simply reverse the process, to replace the filter.

Remember, after you are done replacing the filter, flush approximately 2 gallons of water through the filter before using.

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