Know Your Fridge Filter: 4609690000

With the introduction of LT700P refrigerator water filter, dirty water could be a by-gone problem. . The fridge filter effectively functions to provide the cleanest, refreshing and clear water in our households. This filter is best known for its ability to remove the undesirable substances in the water supply. By using this filter, the water from the fridge filter is healthy, crystal clear and better tasting. These three characteristics make it safe for both drinking and can as well be used for making beverages. What makes the 4609690000 different and desirable is its ability to fit in various brands and models of refrigerators.

Inserting new water filter

Filter process

The common process applied by 4609690000 is scientifically engineered filtration process. The process involves the use of activated carbon. Activated carbon is a form a carbon that is normally designed in a way that allows it to be more porous and have a larger surface area. The significance of a large surface area is providing for a much superior adsorption. This is different from the common absorption. Adsorption process involved the adherence of the gas, liquid and sometimes the dissolved solids to the surface. The activated carbon is, therefore, through the pores used to remove the unwanted substance and impurities from the home’s tap water.

The actual filtration process starts when water enters the filter chamber in the refrigerator. Once the 4609690000 filter is filled with water, it is pushed to the activated carbon through an inner chamber. From here unwanted substances and the impurities are trapped. These impurities consist of chlorine, cysts, bacteria, asbestos and molds. This process results in crystal, clear and refreshing drinking water.

How to install refrigerator water filters

The installation of this filter is easy. First find the device, which is located in the upper right corner of most fridges. The discount fridge filters normally have one of two release types (push or pull). If it is a push tab, for instance, the tab location will be in the front of the filter housing. As such, the following steps are applicable;

  1. To open the housing, push the tab to release the latch
  2. Take off the filter by an anticlockwise action until it releases.
  3. When it is already released, pull the filter out.
  4. When it is time for replacing the filter, the process is simply reversed.


On the other hand, when it is a pull-tab, the location is usually on the front underside of the cover. As such, the following are its steps

  1. Start by removing the housing cover through identifying of the recessed tab
  2. Do the forward pull to release the latch
  3. Make one anticlockwise turn on the filter
  4. Make a straight pull of the filter outwards
  5. To replace the filter, it is advisable to reverse the process

NOTE: after the replacement is advisable to flush about 2 gallons of water off the filter before you commence usage.


Change Water Filter routinely

As water continues to pass through the 4609690000 refrigerator water filter, the carbon in it becomes prone to degradation. A one in every six-month replacement is, therefore, recommended.

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