Know Your Fridge Filter: 46-9005

Drinking water from the tap is often unpleasant and even unhealthy. Tap water is unfiltered and can have hazardous bacteria or chemicals in it. Luckily, by using refrigerator water filters, you can prevent all of that as well as receive refreshingly cold water. The 46-9005  water filter in particular is a great choice, as it instantly cleans and purifies your water for drinking, mixing, or cooking. It is a replacement for the UKF8001 filter, meaning that it can fit in several different kinds of refrigerators. mwf filter diagram

The Filtering Process

46-9005 refrigerator water filters work by using a simple yet effective filtration process. Activated carbon is used to filter and remove impurities and unwanted particles that are floating in your water supply. Because activated carbon is so porous and has an increased surface area, it easily absorbs harmful particles when they pass through a scientifically engineered inner chamber.

When water first flows into the 46-9005 or UKF8001 filter from your tap water line, it reaches this special chamber which is filled with many molecules of activated carbon. As the water comes in contact with the carbon, it is able to capture and absorb many different unwanted things, such as harmful bacteria, asbestos particles, unhealthy mold, cysts, lead, and chlorine. The clean water then runs out of the filter and into the dispenser. While this sounds like an arduous and lengthy process, it actually only takes an instant, giving you clear, fresh, and clean water as soon as you press a button.


Setting up 46-9005 refrigerator water filter is not a hard process and can be done in under five minutes. The first step is to locate the filter, which is usually placed in the upper right corner of the fridge. Next, you will have to identify whether it is a push tab or a pull tab.

For push tab filters, you should see the tab at the front end of the filter housing:

  1. Open the filter housing by pushing the tab in.
  2. Being turning the filter counterclockwise until you feel it release.
  3. Pull straight out to remove the 46-9005 or UKF8001 filter.
  4. To add a new filter, simply follow these steps in reverse.

Similarly, a pull tab filter is underneath the front of the cover.

  1. Find the recessed tab and pull it forward to open the housing.
  2. Give the filter a quarter turn going counterclockwise.
  3. Pull straight out to remove the 46-9005 filter.
  4. To add a new filter, simply follow these steps in reverse.

Always flush 2 gallons of water through the new filter before using it.

Don’t Forget to Replace Your Filter Regularly

Changing your fridge filter every so often is essential, as activated carbon eventually becomes less effective at trapping unwanted particles. Don’t put yourself at risk for health issues and higher energy costs. Simply replace your UKF8001 style filter once every six months with any of our discount fridge filters. This is the best way to ensure clean and healthy drinking water.

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