4 Steps to Reducing Food Waste

According to worldfooddayusa.org, Americans throw out between 20 to 40% of food. That percentage is equivalent to around 20 pounds of food per month. This amount needs to get lower in order to help our environment and future generations. Here are some helpful tips to think about while grocery shopping to reduce the amount of food waste.

  • Plan smart: 

    Before you go to the grocery store you should plan your meals and make a list. Planning plain and simple meals can limit the amount of food you need to buy at the store, while making a list avoids impulse purchases. Planning your meals and lists can make your life easier, while helping reduce the amount of food you need to buy.



  • Buy ONLY what you need:

    It’s hard going to the grocery store and sticking to the list you have created. You’re bound to pick up something off of it, whether its candy, chips or flowers, but sticking to your list will help diminish food waste. Make sure to stick to your list while shopping, because it will not only help reduce excess, but it will save money too!


  • Donate to food banks: 

    Instead of throwing out leftovers or foods you won’t eat, donate them to food banks. Many food banks are looking for donations and will make sure that these foods won’t go bad. Not only are you helping decrease food waste, but you are helping others in need!












  • Think of Plan B: 

    Don’t throw away a product because you didn’t use it as planned. Get creative and use other ingredients in your kitchen to make a new dish! Having a plan B will help keep the amount of food wasted to a minimum.


  • Be true to yourself:

    Everyone always envisions that one day they will use a product or bake a cake, yet these envisions rarely take place. When you go to the grocery store, be honest with yourself. If you think you will cook or eat an item within the week, buy it, if not leave it on the shelf. Don’t overbuy just because you ‘think’ you’ll use an item. Being realistic helps you stay true to your list while saving your wallet.

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    Food waste has become a serious problem in the United States. By using these four simple tips, you can have an easier time grocery shopping. Not only will these tips help with grocery shopping, it will help you stick to a plan, save more and overall shrink the amount of food humans throw away each month.


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