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14 Reasons You Should Only Be Drinking Filtered Water

Water is a necessary part of life. It keeps us from getting dehydrated and makes up a huge portion of our body.

It’s free, a healthy substitute for sugary drinks, and is appropriate for every age. But did you know that if water isn’t properly filtered, it can leave you with unhealthy side effects?

There are harmful chemicals that affect the water you drink, which can make you sick and sometimes even have lead present. You can avoid this by using filtered water.

Learn more about the importance of choosing water that’s been filtered and why it’s the best option for you and your family.

1. No Chlorine and No Lead Makes It Healthier for You

Chlorine and lead are two of the biggest problems found in water. Chlorine causes problems related to both health problems and pipe erosion.

Lead leads to health problems present in everyone, from babies to adults. Because lead has no color, taste, or odor, it’s easy to miss it if you aren’t testing your water.

By choosing water that gets filtered, you’re eliminating these dangerous toxins from your body. This comes with a host of benefits and leaves you feeling confident since filtered water is specifically treated for these problems.

2. Filtered Water Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Many people get scared off by filtered water because they think it costs a lot of money and is prohibitively expensive. There are various ways you can install a filtration system without needing to get bottled water delivered to your home constantly.

Under-the-sink water filters mean a one-time installation that instantly provides benefits to your home in the form of clean water. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about dealing the garbage that comes behind in the form of water bottles.

If you’re wanting to know how to make tap water taste better, using one of these filters can help you achieve your goal.

3. It’s the Environmentally Conscious Choice

Taking care of the environment isn’t something you should do because you feel obligated: it’s a way of ensuring a healthy and safe planet for future generations. But what do you do if you want water that’s been filtered and is safe for the whole family to drink?

Instead of dealing with problems related to bottled water piling up and the waste that comes from it, choose to have clean drinking water another way. Filters that fit under and over the sink give you various options depending on what you want.

It’s easier for your family to get access to clean water, and you can feel good knowing you’re reducing environmental waste.

4. Decrease Your Risk of Cancer with Filtered Water

Cancer can occur in anyone, and age is no factor. As our society moves toward food that is processed and greater exposure to toxins, cancer risks continue to grow.

Studies show that chlorine in tap water causes problems in relation to cancer. This is unfortunate since everyone needs to drink water on a daily basis in order to maintain optimal health.

By choosing to put in a filter and avoid problems associated with tap water, and the risks it offers, you can protect yourself from cancer. Although it’s not a cure-all for everything that ails you, using a filter is a great start.

5. Fewer Tummy Troubles

No one enjoys having stomach problems. If you experience gas or other stomach pain on a frequent basis and your doctor doesn’t find anything wrong with you, consider making a change to your water.

That’s because studies show toxins within your drinking water can cause gas issues. These range from simply feeling uncomfortable, to having a stomach bug.

If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy and make the best choices for your family and pets without spending a lot of money, switching to water that’s filtered is the easiest way to accomplish this.

6. Enjoy Fewer Health Problems Thanks to Filtered Water

Health problems don’t need to come in the form of stomach issues or cancer. Headaches, lack of appetite, and other things that cause you to feel under the weather have gotten linked to drinking tap water that hasn’t gotten filtered.

If you’re feeling off but cannot find a reason why try drinking filtered water for a day and see what happens. You’ll notice differences that range from better sleep habits to more energy.

Anyone experiencing health issues that don’t test positive for another problem needs to make the switch, and see if this doesn’t help the problem at hand.

7. Give Your Body the Chance to Detox

Toxins build up in our bodies all day long. These are the result of breathing in polluted air, eating foods that aren’t good quality, and dealing with contaminants found in water.

Over 30 U.S. states found toxins within drinking water that Americans helped themselves to every day. Given these statistics, it’s impossible for your body to truly detox and get healthy when you’re constantly drinking water that isn’t truly clean.

Give yourself and your body a break, and use filtered water for the best health benefits. Once you change and see how much healthier clean water feels, you won’t want to go back.

8. Your Children Stay Healthier

Lead is a common threat that many children get tested for at a young age. This is often equated with lead paint in the house, but it applies to drinking water, too.

No matter what age your children are, help them stay healthy and avoid water that’s swimming with problems. This positive action can encourage your children to drink more water, thereby helping them develop healthy habits that last the rest of their lives.

9. You’ll Get Fewer Headaches

Headaches are triggered by many things: light, allergies, and certain foods. If you drink non-filtered water on a daily basis, this can contribute to problems in relation to headaches.

Depending on where you live and what type of setup you have, the lead in your water could be higher than what your neighbors have. You can also get exposed to other toxins that you weren’t even aware of when you move to a new area and don’t get filtered water.

10. Clean Water Comes with Weight Loss Benefits

Losing weight is something everyone wants to do at one point in their lives. Often this includes adding exercise to your lifestyle and making changes in your diet.

If you don’t like the taste of the water coming out of your tap, this presents a challenge.

Water is important to drink when exercising, in order to replenish fluids. It’s also necessary to get off of soft drinks and other high-calorie favorites, in favor of low-calorie or zero calorie options.

Toxins in water can also make it difficult to lose weight, presenting you with an additional challenge. Once you start getting filtered water, you’ll notice it tastes better and want to drink it more often, making the path to losing weight easier to get and stay on.

11. Constipation No More

Constipation is easily solved with a few changes to your lifestyle. Namely, eating a fiber-rich diet, exercising often enough, and drinking plenty of water.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of what’s coming out of the tap, you’re more likely to consume drinks that can worsen your condition. This makes the process feel like an unending cycle.

Instead, make the switch to water that’s filtered, and up your daily intake. You’ll notice a difference in how often you go to the bathroom and feel better at the same time.

12. Your Digestive System Thanks You

If you notice you’re prone to gas or other issues related to digestion, there’s an easy cure that normally involves cutting back on fizzy drinks and consuming more water. As you make this a consistent habit, you’ll notice a change in how you’re feeling.

Seek out a water filtration system that meets your needs, and try to increase the amount of water you drink every day. Make note of the changes you notice and how you feel after having the filtration system added.

13. You’ll Notice a Positive Change in Your Cooking

Cooking and using water in your recipes can actually change the way your food tastes. That’s because as you boil water and proceed to cook your food it in, toxins and other unseen pollutants can change the way your food cooks and tastes.

To make life easier for yourself, have a filter installed in your refrigerator. That way you’ll always have clean water for drinking and cooking no matter what’s on the menu.

14. You’ll Want to Drink More Water Every Day

One of the key points about adding a water filtration system is that it encourages you to drink more water. Because you know impurities have gotten filtered out, you feel better are drinking it more often.

This, in turn, leads to a healthy lifestyle and habits that last a lifetime. By making this change for you and your family, you’re making a huge investment in everyone’s health.

Learn More about Making the Change

If you’re looking for the best way to bring filtered water into your home, we’re here to help. Browse through our site and learn about the many benefits of having a filtered water system.

Check out our blog on reverse osmosis. You’ll see how adding filtered water to your home is the best choice for everyone when it comes to good taste and health.

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  1. I like what you said about using filtered water so that you don’t get pollutants in your food. My sister has been telling me about how she’d like to improve her cooking in the coming weeks. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for getting a water filtration system installed.

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