Know Your Fridge Filter: 12589208

Refrigerator filters can do wonders for any home and for any drinking water. It is helpful for owners to know about their refrigerator water filter such as what it does and how to install it. The 12589208 or UKF8001 filter helps removes debris and dirt to free up your drinking water and deliver water that is cleaner than ever. Those homes that have the luxury of a refrigerator water filter know that the ice from these systems as well as the water is cleaner and tastes better. The 12589208 refrigerator filter works with a wide range of refrigerator brands and models.

water filter

Filter Process:

The filtration process begins when water fills the refrigerator water line. The water is then moved into the fridge filter where it comes into contact with the carbon filled chamber within the filter. The carbon material removes impurities in the water and provides clear, clean, and healthy water. Things like rust, chlorine, mold, and bacteria are captured within the filter to provide you with water that not only tastes better, but that is also much better for you. For those that have water that tastes overly like chlorine, that has impurities, or that has an odor about it, this filter will help to remove odor and chlorine for fresh drinking water. This water filter will give users clean, fresh water that is going to taste and smell better than any other water that you have drank.


Installing your water filter is far easier than you might imagine.

  1. First, remove the old water filter cartridge by holding it firmly and turning it counterclockwise until it comes free of the filter head.
  2. Insert the new filter into the filter head and rotate it clockwise until the filter stops. Next close the filter cover. Make sure that your filter is secure so that it will filter water and that the water will not leak from the filter.
  3. Run water continuously through the filter for about four gallons (or about five minutes) until the water runs steady and the sputtering noise stops. The initial installation may cause a delay in water dispensing at it will take a moment for the reservoir to fill.
  4. Reset the water filter change notification which should be outlined in your owner’s manual. The manual should tell you how to reset your filter change notification.
  5. Now all that is left is to enjoy your fresh water that tastes as great as bottled water for a fraction of the cost.

Water filters can help you have the clean drinking water that you want without all the expensive add ons. If you have any trouble installing or removing your old filter you should refer to the owner’s manual for your refrigerator to see just what needs to be done to get your new filter up and working.

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