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11 Home Remedies to Boost Circulation

Going through your daily routine, you don’t need anything slowing you down. If you are feeling sluggish, look tired, or feel worn, you might have a circulation issue.  Your body needs oxygen to thrive.  If you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your cells, this can be a circulation problem which can lead to more serious ailments – like cardiovascular disease.  There’s good news though. You can boost your energy levels and feel rejuvenated by following these easy home remedies to help naturally boost your body’s circulation


Eat Healthy

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Changing your diet is one of the easiest way to help improve your body’s circulation. A healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables will increase the amount of oxygen suppled to your blood and improves overall blood circulation. The foods below can easily be added to a meal for an extra boost to your circulatory system:

  • Vitamin C – At decreased levels of Vitamin C, the body’s arteries will begin to narrow. Without this substance in your body, plaque can begin to accumulate in the blood.  Vitamin C also helps keep arteries flexible and intact.
  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E widens blood vessels which allows blood to easily pass through the body’s blood vessels. It also helps prevent clotting and aids in the creation of red blood cells.
  • Omega-3s – Improve your heart health by adding Omega-3s to your diet. These fatty acids lower fibrin in the blood which contributes to forming blood clots. Omega-3 fatty acids work to prevent this.
  • Garlic – Known to reduce cholesterol levels, cleanse the blood, heart, and improve the circulatory system, garlic is a tasty addition to many traditional dishes. It also has been known to prevent heart disease.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Spice up your diet by adding cayenne pepper to your dinner. This pepper contains the chemical compound capsaicin, which may help clear arteries and blood vessels as well as helping to reduce cholesterol.
  • Dark Chocolate – Can’t take the heat? Try dark chocolate. Chocolate contains the antioxidant flavonoid, which boosts circulation. Who knew this sweet was so healthy?


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Improve the blood flow in your contracted muscles by getting regular massages.  Muscle therapy helps release tightened muscles, which can push blood towards the heart and relieve strain.  Now you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself to a massage once a month – it’s for your health!

Stretch Regularly

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Stretching has been proven to be a great method to improve blood flow.  Staying flexible can also prevent injuries and keep your body fresh.  Try spending a few minutes each morning stretching, stretch before or after a workout, or try some other fun alternatives like yoga.

Contrast Showers

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Next time that you’re in the shower, try alternating the water temperature periodically between hot and cold.  The cold water causes the lymph vessels to contract, and the hot water makes them dilate.  This back-and-forth between cold and hot creates a pump effect that gives your vessels a good workout and can increase lymph drainage and blood flow in the veins.


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Probably the easiest way to increase your body’s circulation is to do nothing. That’s right. Your body needs the time to relax and recover.  When the body and mind are relaxed, so are the capillaries and muscles.  This makes it easier for blood to circulate. Blood pressure also decreases. Take moments out of your day to relax, meditate, yoga, and be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night to release tension in the body.

Drink Water

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I can never emphasize enough the importance of staying hydrated.  Your body runs on water to survive, so stay hydrated and your blood will flow better.  Oxygen levels in the bloodstream are greater when the body is well hydrated.  Drink clean drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy throughout your day.

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