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10 U.S. Cities with the Worst Drinking Water

PensacolaI have always loved traveling. From learning the history to trying the cuisine, there’s nothing like the thrill of exploring a new city. Every city has unique differences that sets it apart from the rest.

One major difference I have always noticed is the drinking water in every city tastes different. I find that some cities have better tasting water than others. Naturally, this sparked my curiosity to find out which cities have the worst drinking water.

According to a report by 24/7 Wall St. using data collected by Environmental Working Group (EWG), these are the 10 cities with the unhealthiest drinking water in the U.S. Take a look to see if your city made the list:

10. Jacksonville, FL

During a study of Jacksonville’s water supply, 23 toxic chemicals were found. Some of these chemicals were found at levels exceeding health guidelines, including arsenic and lead.

9. San Diego, CA

California’s Department of Public Health found that San Diego’s water supply had eight chemicals exceeding health guidelines and two chemicals exceeding the EPA legal limit. In total, 20 contaminants were found in the water.

8.North Las Vegas, NV

North Las Vegas’ water supply had 11 chemicals that exceeded health guidelines and a total of 26 contaminants.

7. Omaha, NE

 Omaha’s water supply contained 42 chemicals. 20 of these chemicals were above health guidelines and four exceeded legal amounts.

6. Houston, TX

Over a span of three years, Texas conducted 22,083 water quality tests. During these tests, 18 chemicals were found that exceeded federal and state health guidelines. Three chemicals exceeded EPA legal health standards and a total of 46 pollutants were found.

5. Reno, NV

Over a four-year period of testing, 21 chemicals were discovered in Reno’s water supply. Eight of these were above EPA health guidelines and three chemicals exceeded legal limits.

4. Riverside County, CA

Over four years of testing, Riverside County’s water contained 13 chemicals that exceeded health guidelines and one that exceeded legal limits.

3. Las Vegas, NV

Over a five-year period of testing, 30 chemicals were found and 12 of these chemicals exceeded EPA health guidelines. Among these chemicals were arsenic and lead.

2. Riverside, CA

While testing the water quality, regulators found a total of 30 chemicals. 15 of these chemicals exceeded health guidelines and one exceeded legal standards. Among the chemicals were bromoform and uranium.

1. Pensacola, FL

Over a five-year period of testing, 45 chemicals were discovered. 21 of these chemicals were found in unhealthy amounts. Among these chemicals were cyanide and chloroform.


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