10 Reasons You Need a Water Filter

Sickness and death from contaminated water is only something that happens in the third world, right? Wrong. There were over 40 contaminated water deaths spread across 19 states here in the USA. These stats don’t even include lead contamination.

So, how do you keep your family safe from contaminated water? A great way to start is by using an in-home water filtering machine. These convenient filters can be attached to your faucet or fridge.

Here, we give you ten reasons why you need one right now.

10 Reasons You Need a Water Filtering Machine

Let’s look at the top ten reasons filtered water will rock your world.

1. Avoid Cancer

One of the prime benefits of filtered water is that it can reduce your odds of getting cancer.

By removing cancer-causing agents like lead and chlorine from your drinking water, water filters help you avoid cancer.

The primary cancer types most affected by chlorine filled drinking water are rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer. Get rid of the chlorine and its by-products and say hello to better health.

Additional cancer-causing compounds that are commonly found in tap water are suspected carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These are things like diethylstilbestrol (the synthetic estrogen DES), dioxin and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), DDT, and some other pesticides.

I’d rather not be getting synthetic estrogen in my recommended water intake. While the scientific community is still studying these compounds there have been preliminary findings that they can potentially cause cancer.

If adding a water filter is the answer to avoiding these than I say better safe than sorry.

2. Lower Risk Of Gastrointestinal Disease

Putting a simple tap water purifier on the sink faucet can have a substantial impact on your health. One of the most common bacteria that can be carried through water is salmonella.

The same salmonella that makes you wary of raw chicken and eggs can find its way into your faucet.

In addition to salmonella, you may also risk exposure to E. coli, norovirus, and hepatitis A. These can result in all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms like:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Bloody Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • General Malaise
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mild dehydration

By avoiding bacteria that could reside in your pipes you are making it much less likely for you to develop major gastrointestinal issues.

You can catch the bad bugs before they make their way into your belly by filtering your tap water.

3. Keep And Add Good Things In While Taking Bad Out

Another great reason to get a carbon water filter is that it keeps and adds beneficial properties back into the water.

The activated charcoal found in many carbon water filters acts like a sponge for bad bacteria and chemicals. While getting rid of the bad stuff in the water it leaves all the good minerals it finds alone.

Not only does it leave the beneficial materials already in the water alone but the carbon itself adds beneficial minerals as well. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron are some of the great stuff carbon can add.

These minerals boost the health profile of your water and can make it taste better as well. The natural minerals give the water a more refreshing and pleasant taste.

4. Removal Of Harsh Chemicals

The top reason a drinking water filter is necessary is to get rid of harsh chemicals that may have made their way into your tap.

Things that everyone knows are bad for you can be present in some water supplies. We are talking about things like lead, mercury, and arsenic to say the least.

These heavy metals are especially bad for developing minds and bodies. Exposure during pregnancy and early childhood have been shown to affect the brain and the entire nervous system.

Higher levels of these compounds can cause serious illness or even death.

5. Removal Of Chlorine And Bacteria

In addition to heavy metals, the most crucial things to get rid of in your drinking water are chlorine and nasty bacteria.

Depending on where you live, your tap water can sometimes taste like a swimming pool. Did you mother ever tell you it was ok to drink pool water? Of course not.

By removing chlorine and other bacteria you get the healthiest water for your gut. Surprisingly, there are quite a few horrible specimens that can be found in the water flowing from your tap.

There are giardia and legionella that are protozoans that live in water. These can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Another common one is campylobacter which can cause massive infection.

Sometimes these symptoms are not tied back to the source and take a while to be addressed. Which, in the case of infection, can mean a very serious illness indeed.

A water filter is certainly a lot better than bacterial infection and severe gastrointestinal distress.

6. Extra Protection For Compromised Immune Systems

A water filter is recommended for people who have comprised immune systems. There are a number of categories of people who should not drink unfiltered tap water due to the risk posed by potential contaminants.

According to WebMD the top categories of people who should avoid tap water are:

  • People undergoing chemotherapy
  • People with HIV/AIDS
  • Transplant patients
  • Children and infants
  • Pregnant women and their fetuses

These folks are especially sensitive to the most common elements of tap water such as chlorine and bacteria.

7. Saving Loads Of Money

If the health benefits haven’t convinced you then let’s go with something a little closer to your pocket. Having an in-home water filtration machine will save you a ton of money.

The average case of bottled water costs just over $6 for twelve 16 ounce bottles. If you follow the typical 8 cups of water per day/per person recommendation, the average family of 4 would be drinking 256 ounces of water per day.

That amounts to 1,792 ounces per week. At about 192 ounces per case, you’re looking at around 9 cases per week.

In the first year of using no bottled water, you would save yourself and your family a whopping $2,808! That’s almost $3k in just bottled water. That’s not even counting the occasional bottles of water grabbed from drive-thrus and convenience stores.

When you add in the additional medical costs you’re saving, getting a water filtration system becomes a no-brainer.

8. Better Tasting Water

Let’s be honest, filtered water just tastes better than tap water.

While the taste of tap water can vary greatly depending on where you live, 9 times out of 10 filtered water is gonna win on taste.

There’s no pool water taste, metallic taste from the pipes, or aftertaste that some tap water produces.

Combine that with the beneficial minerals found in carbon filtered water, and the health risks you’ve avoided, and I’m down to install a water filter right away.

9. Reducing Waste And Helping The Earth

In addition to being better for your families health and having a better taste, there are also the implications on mother Earth.

If we are going with the same example of the bottled water cases above we are talking about 5,616 plastic water bottles going into the landfill every year. That’s just from one family.

It can take nearly 1000 years for plastic products to break down. That means that from just one year of your family drinking bottled water you are creating waste that will take over 5.5 million years to decompose.

Getting a water filter and using reusable cups and bottles can save hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles ending up in landfills.

10. Convenient And Always Available

Finally, having filtered water all the time is super convenient. No more hefting heavy cases of water into your cart. No more bringing them up the stairs of your 3 story walk up.

Once your filters are installed you just need to fill up your cup to always have great tasting, clean water.

Having access to filtered clean drinking water whenever you want? How can anything be more convenient?

What Are You Waiting For?

We hope that we have made it clear that you need a water filtering machine for your home.

Filtered water helps you and your family avoid major illness, save thousands of dollars a year, and reduce almost 6,000 plastic bottles worth of waste. That saves the planet 5.5 million years of decomposition time and countless animals being affected by that plastic waste.

Whether you choose to buy a refrigerator with a water filter installed, have a whole home water filtration machine installed, or simply put a filter on your faucet you are making a great decision.

Want to learn more about how lead, iron, pesticides, and chlorine are affecting our water supply? Check out our blog here where we go in-depth about these and other harsh contaminants that can be found in your unfiltered drinking water.

Have some questions about filtered water and what type of water filter would be best for your family? We would be happy to help you make a decision at a fantastic price. You can contact us here anytime.

Ready to get some great deals on high-quality water filters? Check out our vast selection here.

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