10 Summer DIY Projects

10 Easy and Awesome Summer DIY Projects

So we’re finally in the midst of summer. Before you host your friends in the backyard, wow them with these simple (but genius) summer DIY projects that anyone can do!

1. Convenient Fence Table

DIY Convenient Fence Table

Now they usually say, save the best for last, but this project is just straight-up genius, I couldn’t wait to share it. Don’t waste your money buying an expensive outdoor table that will hardly get used and take up space. This DIY fence table from SensiblySara.com can easily fold down when not in use. It’s perfect for placing a few drinks on, all the fixings for a barbecue, or even speakers.

2. Outdoor Coffee Table

Beautiful patio coffee table with bucket base

Now there’s no doubt that rustic is in right now. This outdoor coffee table from Remodelaholic.com combines just the right amount of rustic and modern style. If you have a sawzall, stain, and nails, you’re already half way to what you need for this project. This is the perfect little table for gathering around with your friends late at night and chatting it up. If I do this project (and by if I mean WHEN) I might try creating a hatch in the middle so it can act as a cooler too.

3. Patio Cooler

diy patio cooler

Speaking of coolers, why not just make one yourself? Turn that ugly cooler in your garage into this beautiful wooden patio cooler created by Projects with Pete. This might be one of the harder projects on the list, but if you put the work into it, your friends and all your neighbors will be incredibly jealous. To top it off, this patio cooler even has a bottom shelf, drain, wheels, and a bottle opener (deck with beautiful mountain view not included).

4. Terracotta Pot Table

terracotta pot table

Now if that patio cooler project was too difficult, here’s an incredibly easy one by Dukes & Duchesses. It literally consists of buying a large terracotta pot with a tray, placing the tray on top, and painting it. That’s it! It’s perfect for holding a pitcher of iced tea and a good book.

5. Outdoor Movie Screen

outdoor movie screen project

Now this project is a must if you have children or grand kids. Everyone loves movie nights and relaxing in the backyard so why not combine the two? This outdoor projection screen by Running with Scissors (literally running with scissors is not recommended for this project) consists of some screen fabric, staples, and hanging wire. The most expensive part of the project might be purchasing a projector, but here’s some good ones I’ve found: Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro and AAXA LED Pico Projector.

6. Floating Cooler

floating cooler in the pool

This is about as simple as it gets. Those annoying noodles that your kids smack each other with finally have a purpose! It only takes one noodle cut into pieces, a bin, and string to create this awesome floating cooler. Now you won’t have to worry about venturing out of the water to grab another drink, just grab the string and pull it closer to you! Thank you to Instructables.com for this one!

7. Pallet Wine Bar

Outdoor-Pallet-Furniture-DIY-ideas-and-tutorials3In the spirit of recycling, all you need for this cool little table by FabArtDIY.com is 2 wooden pallets, 3 pavers, and some paint. Oh, and some wine and friends. Excuse me while I go ask the warehouse if I can have some of their pallets!

8. Outdoor Bench Made from Cinder Blocks and Lumber

photo 3These days, it seems like there’s about one million DIY projects that utilize cinder blocks. This one from Kayla’s Basement can be made in about an hour. 12 cinder blocks + 4 pieces of lumber + concrete adhesive + cushioning = the coolest little bench ever.

9. Outdoor Chalkboard

outdoor chalkboard

Whoever invented chalkboard paint has to be really enjoying the good life. I’ve used several spray cans of chalkboard paint myself, but none of those projects were for the backyard. This outdoor chalkboard from TinySideKick is the perfect addition to the fence. The kids would love to draw on it, or it’d be perfect for keeping score in a game of Corn-Hole or Bocce Ball.

10. Globe String Lights

backyard patio string lights

Globe string lights can make any backyard look like something from a movie. Whenever I see them used in outdoor weddings, they look amazing every time. The lights are pretty cheap and can be simple to hang off of trees or your home. If there’s no where to hang them from, just make poles out of electrical conduit like Charise did in her project here.

I hope this inspires you to get your hands dirty and put your creative minds to work!

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