10 Amazing Gifts for New Homeowners (and by Amazing, I mean expensive)

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for new homeowners, but it can often be stressful as well. Make their move a little easier by giving one of these great housewarming gifts.

1) Air filter or fridge filter subscription:  Find out what size air filter or fridge filter they need, and when you purchase your first filter you can sign your friend up for a filter subscription with discountfilters.com so that they never have to worry about having to go buy their air filter or fridge filter again. The company sends automatic shipments of air filters and fridge filters so that homeowners never need to wonder about when to replace them. This is an especially helpful gift for someone who is owning a home for the first time and has always relied on landlords to take care of the appliances.

2) Stick up Cam from Ring: Mount this wireless, motion-activated camera outside near a door, and then you can see, hear, and speak with visitors via your smartphone. Infrared LEDs let you glimpse what’s going on in the dark. The optional video-recording feature stores up to six months of activity. Goes for about $200.

3) Tools and/or Tool chest: One thing new homeowners have to begin buying is tools! Hammers, ladders even, screw gun, you name, they’re going to need it. Not only is having tools important, but having some organization to them all is even more important. Helping new home owners keep their garage organized will go a long way.

4) Smarter’s Fridge Cam: This small camera is placed in the refrigerator and  detects which items are in stock, what they are, and their expiration date through a companion app that users can check while at the store. Fridge Cam also offers suggestions on how you can use your groceries before they go bad, and shows any nearby grocery store locations.

5) Amazon Echo: This cool gadget can play music, answer questions, tell you the weather, add items to your grocery list, and even tell you jokes. Best part they’re only about $50 and if you’re advanced enough they can turn on lights and be used with other ‘smart’ devices. Just hop over to amazon.com to get this.

6) A Blade-less Dyson Fan: Maybe get one of these just for it’s cool factor (get it? Cool…Fan…anyway) but the new Dyson blade-less fan looks sleek and modern and will help cool down your office work-space or even in a kids room. It’s blade-less. They can stick their tiny hands in it all day long and not get hurt. Right?

7) Herb Garden:  If this new homeowner has a green thumb, then help them get their herb garden started in their new home. This is an especially thoughtful gift for someone moving from an apartment or condo to a new home. Now that they have the outdoor space, they might want to try their hand at gardening. Also available on amazon.com.

8) Make Your Own Gift Box: If you’re someone who likes to give something a little more personalized, create your own gift box. Head to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and pick up a fancy looking container. Start grabbing little things like boxes of tissues, batteries, bottles of hand soap, maybe some dish towels or smaller kitchen gadgets, air fresheners, light bulbs, stemware, serving trays, pitchers, vases and any other smaller items that one typically may need.

9) $100 Gift Card & a Cheap Bottle of Wine: Please don’t under estimate the power of a gift card. And please don’t underestimate how expensive it is to decorate your house these days. Buying new home owners personal decorations can be tricky. If you don’t want that ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ picture to end up in the Goodwill pile, just give them a gift card to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, and if you have cash maybe Crate and Barrel, West Elm, CB2 and Pottery Barn.

10) Food Subscriptions: Last but not least, every homeowner appreciates a nice meal. Food subscriptions like Blue Apron, Plate Joy, Hello Fresh send you fresh meals you can prepare in usually less than 20 minutes that contain all the ingredients that you need. So while you’re unpacking you can have a fresh, yummy meal with little time and effort spent. Note, this isn’t a lifelong subscription. You can pay for  a couple of months, one month, or a year, etc.

Do you have any other great ideas for gifts for new homeowners? Please share!!

10 Amazing Gifts for New Homeowners
Article Name
10 Amazing Gifts for New Homeowners
Moving into a new home is an exciting time for new homeowners, but it can often be stressful as well. Make their move a little easier by giving one of these great housewarming gifts.
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