How to Flush Your Refrigerator Water Filter

How to Flush Your Refrigerator Water FilterYour mom and dad taught you to flush the toilet, right? But who taught you to ”flush” your new refrigerator water filter after initial installation? Chances are – no one did.

What Does Flushing Mean?

Flushing your filter simply means to run water through it several times before using the filter for consumption. No tools or equipment is needed to flush the filter, only a container to empty the water into.

Why Do You Need to Flush The Filter?

Your refrigerator water filter is made out of a carbon media block that is formed to fit your specific filter shape. With a properly installed water filter, your water runs through this block to filter out any contaminants and particles picked up prior to entering your refrigerator. By doing so, water is safe for drinking and tastes clean.

However, manufacturing and shipping causes carbon particles in the media block to knock loose. This means that the first few glasses of water most likely contain these bits, causing water to look gray and cloudy. While consuming this water won’t hurt you, most people would probably prefer not to drink it. To save yourself the hassle, you should flush your new refrigerator water filter.

How to Flush the Filter?

You should always check the owner’s manual for your specific refrigerator water filter to make sure that you are following all installation and set-up properly. Most manufacturers’ recommend that you run between three to five gallons of water through your refrigerator water filter before consumption. For refrigerators that don’t dispense water, discard the first two batches of ice. Remember, these carbon particles can also get frozen in your ice cubes.

Need some extra help? Check out our video about “flushing” your new refrigerator water filter.

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    • Hello Don,
      Thanks for the question! The change filter light is just a timer that needs to be reset. Most refrigerators require you to hold down the reset button for about 5-10 seconds. The process can vary based on refrigerator brands so check out our other post Refrigerator Filter Change Light Still On? for more specific instructions.

      Let us know if you need any more help!

  2. I have a sansung refigerator. Filter DA29-00003G Didn’t know I had to flush and everyone always said the water tasted funny! Now i know why but don’t know how to flush the filter .Please help me. Thank you Linda

    • Linda,
      You only need to flush a refrigerator filter right after your install it. After the new filter is inside, you should take a container or large cup and empty between 3-5 gallons of water into it. You will want to just dispose of that water. This should rid the filter of any extra particles that shouldn’t be there. After flushing it, your water should taste normal.

      If you need more visual instruction, check out the video in the blog post!

      Hope this helps,

  3. Are there any promo codes available at this time? I need to order refrigerator filters. Thank you for your prompt answer.

    • Hello Lola,
      You shouldn’t have to clean the copper piping when you are installing a new filter. Hope this helps!