How to Change Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Each refrigerator model is made differently which means there are no general instructions on how to actually change out your filter. But there are a few simple steps you can follow to find out how to correctly replace your filter:

  1. Find and identify your Refrigerator model and Filter Type.
  2. Identify the type of refrigerator filter you have: either in-line or Push and Twist-In.
  3. Follow the instructions for your refrigerator model and filter.

Finding the Correct Water Filter

One of the easiest ways to know what kind of refrigerator water filter you’ll need is by identifying the model number on your refrigerator filter. The easiest way to find your filter model is to look at the current filter. You should also know your refrigerator model number in case that becomes necessary during your shopping process. The fridge model number is generally located on the inside of your refrigerator.

It’s always a good idea to locate your filtration system, so you can better navigate websites and discuss any issues with customer service representatives. Locations vary depending on your refrigerator type. You can use our filter finder pictured below to identify your refrigerator type.

Filter Finder

Once you have this information, you can easily look for your replacement filter online.

Types of Refrigerator Filters 

In-Line: These types of refrigerator water filters are attached to the incoming water line for the refrigerator. Older model refrigerators typically use these types of filters, so they aren’t as common any more. Here’s an instructional video on how to replace an in-line refrigerator filter. It’s not the best quality, but it still gets the job done.

Push or Twist-In: Most recent models have an integral filter that purifies the water feeding the drinking water dispenser and icemaker. The filter pushes or twists in. It’s as easy as pushing it in or twisting, hence the name.


We have compiled a list of the most common refrigerator filter models. Click on your filter model to be taken to the filters unique page, scroll down to find the instructions.

If you can’t find your filter model or still have questions, leave a comment below!

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